Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Last Post for the Poppy

The Poppies are finished now with this very last one dropping it's petals as I sit and draw it!

Pastels on paper, 33x29cm: "Last Poppy 1"; The petal flaps about vigorously in the gentlest of breezes seemingly desparate to break free and fly away. To capture the moment I often stare and stare then quickly shut my eyes like a camera shutter, then record my remembrance of it.

Pastel on paper, 33x29cm: "Last Poppy 2"; When I did this one I didn't imagine that it might look like a fashion model with bob hairstyle (like YSL's A/W2008 Collection) feather ruff and long Valentino red dress. All I need is to add a pair of skinny legs and platform shoe-boots to see this one strutting down the catwalk! (I must try that for a future post).

Pastels on paper, 33x29cm: "Last Poppy 3"; Now the wind is getting up and the petal can no longer hang on. A sharp gust and....FREEDOM! Off it went to the other side of the garden where it will disappear back into the earth. Goodbye red petal, it was nice seeing you. Let's meet again next June and we can share our stories of glory!

Pastels on paper, 33x29cm: "Last Poppy 4"; Where did that other petal come from? Who knows, but he's gone now never to be seen again! Sound the bugle and play a lament for what they gave me was hours of pleasure and now they are gone. Except I have got these images to remind me, and if anyone would like one too then just follow this link to Etsy:


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