Sunday, 13 July 2008

Shasta Daisies

Still playing with this little moleskine sketchbook trying to see what else I can do with it and how the marks of different materials stand up. Felt pens seem to work wonders, skating over the smooth surface with marvelous unencumbered freedom (thinks: maybe I'll do Casey's Freedom theme with these pens?)

My other predilection at the moment are these wonderful perenial Shata Daisies, or Chrysanthemum maximum "Wirral Pride" as we call them in these parts:

Felt pens on moleskine paper, 2x 9x14cm: "Apart from the Crowd"; It's amazing how tall these stalks stand with their frilly white flowerheads without blowing over in the wind. Probably because they hang in there together as a clump giving each other physical if not moral support. But, as is my way, I like to set one apart from the crowd to give her/him/it individuality. The resulting image triggers an association with the work of Joan Mitchell and her colourful eight-foot high abstract expressionist "scribbles". I would give my right arm to paint like her, but then I wouldn't be able to hold the brush now would I?

Felt pens on moleskine paper, 2x9x14cm:"Shasta Cloud"; Without being too prescriptive trying to let my pens float across the pages the colours chosen by disengaging my mind (not too hard to do). Felt pens on moleskine paper, 2x9x14cm:"Shasta Starburst"; Like exploding skyrockets these two flowerheads burst out in all directions, the creation of whole new worlds from life's dark matter.

So I'm pleased with how felt pens work on the moleskine paper. Must try something new tomorrow.

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