Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Monoprinting Discoveries: Day #1

For those of you with a nervous disposition (for now I accept that I do in fact have more than one reader) LOOK AWAY NOW!!!

As though I didn't have enough to keep me amused I now launch the Good Ship Cornelius onto a new venture: MONOPRINTING.
I have threatened this for some time now and even spoke to Andrea about it when she visited these shores a few weeks ago (she is good at it and I have much to learn from her).

So here are my very first attempts at this type of imagemaking: Having bought a single tube of Daler Rowney Block Printing water-based ink my first attempt (shown above) was simply inking a 24x30cm sheet of plain glass with a rubber brayer which I already had in my possession, and drawing a design with an old felt pen through the ink. As you see it was an unmitigated failure!
Second attempt (shown below) is not a lot better, but I kinda like it. It was simply done when inking the plate and stopping mid roller when I saw the image as it was. I thought:"Hey, that looks interesting!":

Well maybe not!

Final image for the day was made after inking up the plate I dragged a wet sponge down the plate and thought:"Hey (again), not bad. I like it!" and "This is the kind of thing I see in the Glasgow Print Studio selling for a couple of hundred pounds", "If they can do it, then so can I!"

Don't worry, tomorrow it will get better, I assure you!


Melinda said...

Omagosh! I was going to write you the other day and ask you if you've experimented with monotypes! Fabulous images. Great start. I began with monotypes many years ago and love them so to this day. They are so painterly...and inspiring. It is with monoprinting that I learned to use Qtips (cotton swabs) as well as anything else handy. I've been using plexiglass for the plates and, before I got an small etching press, an old wooden spoon to transfer images.
You've got a knack for monotypes!
Mind boggled in Tucson

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Well thanks Melinda, I hope to boggle your mind a bit more tomorrow!
And now I know what Qtips are too:o)

Andrea Kobayashi 小林アンドレア said...

HA! Good to see you jumping in the deep end and up to your elbows in ink!! Don't forget there are two ways to go; drawing directly into the ink and then transferring the image onto the paper, or putting the paper on to the rolled ink and drawing on the back of it (this is how I usually work). The possibilities are so unlimited...Go for it!

vivien said...

I love monoprinting

I hate water based inks, they are much harder to use and not as expressive - it might be worth you experimenting with your oil paints - I often do monoprints with my oil paints, painting onto a sheet of acetate with slight turpsy paint. It works pretty well, better with a press of course - though you could run the car over it for extra pressure :>)

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Way ahead of you Andrea, as you will see from today's posting.
Unless I can get a good strong image from painting directly onto the plate (which I would like to do as I think there is greater control on what the image will look like) I would rather do your second method which worked much better for me.

And Vivien: My water-based tube of ink is almost finished now so I will move on to trying the oils method you suggest. And that's a brilliant idea, btw, for a DIY press - I can just see you backing to and forth up and down the drive with all the neigbours watching in disbelief!

Thanks to all three of you for your observations and advice.
I live and learn!

Gary said...

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