Monday, 30 June 2008

Peony Roses

Following on from the Foxgloves and Clematis, and with dark clouds theatening I had a go at the Peony Roses in my front garden:

Neopastels on paper, 38x27cm: "Peonies 1"; As the blousey petals open we see these fantastic deep yellow stamen, but it's not easy making an image when they are flapping around in the breeze. Encouraged by my drawing of these two I take on the whole bunch:
Neocolours on paper, 57x41cm: "Peony Roses"; Responding directly to the variety of colours and forms I work feverishly as the sky darkens further and spots of rain tell me it's time to pack up and get back inside.

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Randal said...

Here, I don't actually consider it is likely to have effect.