Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Meeting of the Waters

These sketches were done a few weeks ago when the weather was positively balmy - sun shining like there was no tomorrow and dry as Scotsmans throat after two days on the wagon!

"Scots Pines on a Lonely Hillside", charcoal on paper, 40x30cm.

There I was sitting on my little fold-a-way aluminium chair with the ocassional passer-by giving me very strange looks as though I had just touched down from Pluto moments before, acres of open farmland on either side giving me no inspiration what-so-ever when this stand of lonesome pines called out "You gotta stop and draw us for pines-sake, there ain't nuthin' else for miles around!".

"Scots Pines, Contre-jour", Mixed media on paper, 30x40cm.

And so the history of 'daviddrawsandpaints' fills another day out in the wilds of Lanarkshire: Me, a wee chair, a bunch of Neocolour pastels and a blue felt pen., up a hill, near North Brackenridge Farm, chittering with cold (even tho' I still got them old long-johns on) but driven on by artistic vision. I don't do things by half.

But these sketches were only the pre-curser to the main event:

"The Meeting of the Waters", Neocolours on paper, 30x40cm.

Further on from North Brackenridge, down the glen a bit, is the subject of my loving dreams: where the Logan Water meets the River Nethan - two small burns joining together to make a beautiful flowing stream, under a canopy of trees, that runs all the way to the River Clyde and the sea.

This is where I met John Stewart and his twa dugs, but that is surely for another day.

Hope you are all well and enjoying your artmaking :o)