Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Shasta Patch

The World Loves a Tryer - and I can be very trying!
Here's another experiment, this time in watercolour, trying to capture these damned elusive daisies:

Watercolour on rough paper, 50x32cm: "Shasta Patch"; What I'm trying to do is capture the feeling of these long thin stalks reaching for the sky and swaying in the breeze. I also have another image developing in oils but that's for another posting when I think I definitely can't do anything else with it. Meanwhile, I set up my travelling easel in the garden with a little side table to lay out my paintbox and waterpot and painted this while the daisies swayed about in the wind. I purposefully set the board at a very acute angle (-85deg) so that the applications of watercolour would streak downwards and just laid on bold brushstrokes heavy with colour.

I know I haven't yet achieved my objective but this is another step along the way and I had some fun doing it!


vivien said...

an interesting result - the start of a series???

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Ha! You are right Vivien - I am usually thinking in terms of series but with this Daisy subject I am simply trying to nail down one definitive image by hammering away at it! If there ever is an end result then all my attempts will more than likely just be a record of the journey. And who knows if I do crack it then perhaps I could do 'una serie grande'?
ps: soon the Shasta Daisies will go over and I'll move on to some other obsession :o)