Saturday, 10 March 2012

Drawing from Life

In order to move forward I am having to go backwards, to pick up some drawing materials and start drawing again. I don't go to Life Drawing Group any more because it's too far away and I find the effort too much, so if I can't go there then I'll bring it on home to here. And who should I get to model for my but my darling wife. But nudity there will not be. The contract conditions for this modelling job are: i) with clothes on,  ii) regular coffee breaks, and iii) a tube of 'Smarties' every week. Who says I'm not willing to splash out for my art?

First one is a bit tentative as I explore which end is up:

Drawing #1, Charcoal on paper, 43x59cm.
Second one is still a bit of a struggle:

Drawing #2, Charcoal on paper, 43x59cm.
Third one is begining to get into the swing of it:

Drawing #3 "Mrs Roly Poly": Charcoal on paper, 43x59cm.
(She's really too auld to be doing this sorta thing!)

Fourth is now getting a bit gallus with the felt pen:

Drawing #4, Felt-tip pen on paper, 43x59cm.

Drawing five with a bit of colour to her cheeks:

Drawing #5, Felt-tip pen and pastels on paper, 43x59cm.

 And finally, a bit of light reading to keep the interest going:

Drawing #6, Felt-tip pen on paper, 43x59cm.

All this done to the gentle sounds of Karen Carpenter and her brother Richard, a favourite LP from our shared past [Carpenters, The Singles, 1969 - 1973].

And if yous could all remind me not to forget the 'Smarties' I would be obliged or "Friday Life Drawing" will be a one off occassion!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Spring has Sprung...

...the flooers is ris,
I wonder where the birdies is?
Oh, there's a crow up in the sky,
Yeuch, he's dropped a message
in my eye!

Time for this Rip van Winkle to get oot his bed, shake a leg, and get back to some work. Winter is over even in these northerly parts and I've even ventured out to the back garden to see what damage has been done with the frequent high winds. Like this Helleborus knocked flat but still managing a smile and a few flooers to brighten an otherwise untidy border:

Helleborus, felt pen and Neocolour on paper, 2x19x25cm.

Hope the rest of you have survived the winter too!