Monday, 28 July 2008

The Monoprint Monologues: Day#3

Beginning to get a degree of consistency, and you'll be glad to know this is the last of the black block-printing ink. Tomorrow I will try my luck will colour!
First print made by inking the glass plate, laying a clean sheet over it, and tracing over a previous drawing to pick up the ink where I have pressed with my hand. It looks like I've picked up too much ink (the measel dots were intentionally made with my fingertips) but of course you've no idea what you are going to get exactly till you peel the cartridge sheet away. I call this: "Wheesht!"

The second print was made in the same way but this time I have managed to get a cleaner print. Not quite sure why but at least the light areas are whiter and the scribbled background cleaner.
The joke is that I tried to sign the image while it was still on the plate and got the "s" back to front. Typical!
Third print is perhaps the cleanest yet, although I have no idea why!

It must have been because I didn't press too heavily and only picked up ink (mostly) where I overdrew with the lead pencil.

With a fair amount of ink left on the plate I took a final 'ghost' print of the session and instead of using my hand I used the back of a wooden spoon, as recommended in my printmaking handbook: 'Monoprinting' by Jackie Newell & Dee Whittington.

As you see, it might have worked for Dee, but it didn't work for Mee!

Anyway, even if it was taxing at times, and regardless of my doubts about it's efficacy, it is indeed fun to do. We'll see what delights colour brings to the party tomorrow!


Melinda said...

You've really got 'it' going on in this next grouping. Maybe the ink can never be completely washed off of your hands...
If you'd like to cast your opinion in my informal portrait poll (I'm trying to decide which portrait to submit), here's the link:
click here to see the post

Andrea Kobayashi 小林アンドレア said...

These are looking great. I really like the one of the two girls. Maybe there was less ink on the plate by then so it didn't come out too heavy.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Salute a due!

I will always have mucky hands, Melinda. And it may take a few days for me to return with my observations on your portraits. I like each of them very much but am (for once) at a loss for the right, intelligent, words (unlike your other respondents) to describe what I feel about them (and don't want to make a fool of myself - I can do that easily without an audience!).

Andea: There was plenty of ink. Perhaps I just laid the paper on gently and didn't lean all over it!
Thanks again for your encouragement.