Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sunny Disposition...

...or, how to brighten up your day when it's otherwise grey!

Mixed media on paper, 59x36cm.

I think I was meant to be Italian, or Spanish. or maybe even Greek. Instead I find myself born and living in Scotland where we never seem to shake off winter, even in May, (or June), (or July). Hopefully August will be nice.
I'm cold all the time...can't seem to shake it off. There's a cold wind blowing in from the north constantly and yesterday dark rainclouds with it. I would be SAD if I wasn't so cheery.
But at least the artist has one way of brightening up the day - paint yourself sunny and warm!

ps: I've never found a job that couldn't be fixed with a ten-pound hammer :o)


Sheila Vaughan said...

David, you are an inspiration, the way you just go with the flow and whatever grabs you at that moment - any media and support will be fine. This painting, don't you love it when people kind of look out at you from the canvas. I really like their small heads. Why am I thinking Cezanne. It is not Cezanne style but for me it has a Cezanne feel. Yes, the cold is horrible. I am not so many miles south of you and our weather pattern in the north west is dismal. I do get really fed up with it, think about moving, investigate the south and realise sadly I do not belong there. Anyway a trip to Italy is looming! So hopefully some sunshine soon for me.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

A trip to Italia sounds wonderful - dove vai?
You are right - transporting oneself to another location is probably just a pipe dream...we are where we are 'cause that's who we are. So, I'll just remain frozen for the rest of my life and paint sunny pictures!
Don't know about being an inspiration, and certainly not an intellectual like Cezanne but I really appreciate both the compliments, Sheila - thanks!