Tuesday, 8 May 2012

On Cloud Nine

And so, all the pieces fall into place and what do we find:

Mixed media on paper (collage, acrylics, felt pen), 59x86cm.

A cornucopia of incident - a female figure to the right all wrapped up to keep out the alpine chill, and a single female figure to the left reaching out to make contact with her counterpart across an open shuttered window high above Lake Lucerne in Switzerland where a small sailing boat lazily drifts across the placid waters (watch out for that big red iceberg!).
The Golden Gate Bridge spans the window opening bringing back fond memories of that time ten years ago in San Fransisco when they were both much younger. Both figures float on Cloud Nine (and Ten) happy to once again meet under these unplanned cicumstances. A second female figure, however, hovers on the shoulder of tippy-toe girl unhappy at her own loss. She is angry and confused and thinking how she could put a spike in their relationship.
On the other hand things could be much worse. The mummified male figure on the far left may not feel the cold for he is in fact lifeless and has been for a thousand years. Better to be alive here and now and accept the life we are given and live it to the full.
Like teeny-tiny Tinkerbell, who may be a capricious little tyke, but can also bring forth fun and laughter in an otherwise far too serious a world.

So there you have it...hope you've enjoyed this little interlude in artmaking.

And if you don't understand any of it then so what, it was all just just a dream.

NB: This collage started life simply as one of my Subconscious Musings which, instead of being completed within a day as usual, took over three months in the making changing direction time and again until it's completion just last week.


sally said...

David, you rock! I love it, it was worth the time you put into it and the story is great!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Ca' canny, Sally - ye'll be gaen me a big heid!

But I do agree.

Pure, unadulterated nonsense but it all keeps me from getting up to other mischief. Glad you could join me in my collaged meanderings :o)