Tuesday, 22 May 2012

La Petite Marie

Frequently I make studies of paintings by my favourite artists partly to learn what I can, and partly to simply excercise my own technique utilising a ready made design:

Modigliani's "Marie, daughter of the people". Oils on canvas, 45x35cm.

Modigliani is a favourite artist and I have always enjoyed this painting, also known as "La Petite Marie", painted in 1918 (original size 60x50cm). I have tried to research the internet to find more about the model but so far indefinitive (is that a word I have just made up?). The closest I can get is that she just might be Marie Vassilieff, a Russian painter in her own right who mixed with the painters of Montmartre.

I think what I like about it is it's simplicity of design and a bit of the artists idiosyncratic stylisation with the elongation of the girls neck, in this instance wrapped in a thick scarf.

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