Saturday, 5 May 2012

Caprice 4 (of 6)

Hope you are not wearying of this capriciousness. Not long to go now.

Two mysterious female figures facing us:

Mixed media on paper - collage, acrylics, felt pen.

Who are these wimmin?
Do I know them?
They seem familiar but I can't really place them.
Do they know each other?
Or, are they strangers.
Are they lovers?
Is that why they both have flushed cheeks?
Are they embarassed about something?
Are they just good friends?
Why are they all wrapped up with heavy winter coats on?
Is it cold outside?
Why is the figure at the front standing on her tippy-toes?
Is she trying to catch my eye?
Why is the other figure hanging back?
Is she shy?

So many questions and not sure if there will ever be any answers.

It's a rum do, indeedy-doody!



Sheila Vaughan said...

No, you see I am coming to the very same conclusion David - are there really any answers. If there aren't then it's great because it means we can just keep following our caprices - our whims - or our wimmins in your case. I really enjoy looking at them and re-looking at them, that's all I can say.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thank you for that Sheila, very pleased you are enjoying them.

As far as answers are concerned I may not have any to offer either(having more questions than answers) but I believe there are in fact many opinions, from all sides, but are they truthful?

Either way I am happy to live in a world without certainties for, as you say, we can just keep following our own caprices !

As for wimmin, well that's another mystery altogether (you should know, being one!).