Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Subconscious Musing #7

Still musing on what goes on between my ears!
Musings #2 to #6 scared me a bit and therefore not willing to impose these images on an unsuspecting public. So I jump forward, and backwards at the same time. What fun - it's like a game of hopscotch or an episode from Dr Who. This image came out of my subconscious a few full moons ago but kicked about in an unfinished state until today (what do you mean "still looks unfinished to me!") I'll have you know that this took many hours contemplation, some green for the iris, and a bit of red for the eyeball to say "IT IS FINISHED!":

Acrylics on primed cardboard, 40x50cm: "Icon"; Don't shoot the messenger. I only report what is revealed!


my croft said...

oh now, this is disturbing -- good-disturbing, but disturbing. It wouldn't be nearly so provocative without that eye.

On the bless-the-beasts-and-the-children front, I'm more or less in a borderline rage at all times about people who are cruel to animals and sometimes allow myself the thought that they should be placed in stocks and horsewhipped in a public square. But also I think that some of the abandoning animals in public parks is ignorance as much as it is brutishness. People don't understand that the hyper-bred pet shop rabbit is not going to "revert to the wild" and find a way to survive in the park in January. (January being the 'extremely cold and barren of all vegetation' season here.) An abandonded lop-ear bunny is one of the many abandoned pets I've stumbled across on my rambles and brought home to relocate appropriately. The bunnies (there were two) were a real challenge since I have cats and only one room with a reliable door. I kept them in the bathtub until I found a no-kill shelter that would take them. I sometimes think there must be some blinking light vivisble only to animals that marks my place as the one with health care and a meal plan.

But I digress...
About your work, on the one hand I think hmmm, if this is what rumbles up out of his unconscious when his wife is away, I do hope she comes home soon. On the other, I can't help feeling compelled and intrigued, and very interested to see more.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

You are very generous Melanie. There is indeed a lot more to be revealed, and I hope it won't be disappointing.
You will see from today's posting that my wife will return on Saturday and apart from being very glad to see her all wrongs will be righted and I better have the house ship-shape. So that means tomorrow will be spent hoovering and washing and ironing!

You are obviously a much more humane person than me when it comes to animal mis-treaters where a public humiliation will suffice. In future I will curb my murderous tendencies and simply make do with floggings!
My wife says I have an animal magnetism. By that she means I attract all the animals in the neibourhood who probably also see me as a soft-touch for an easy meal and a bit of petting!

Thanks for your full and entertaining comment :o)