Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Sailing Down The Clyde

Following my Grand Day Out I managed to have a couple of Grand Days In! The results of which are these two yachting images (among other stuff):

Acrylics on primed hardboard, 42.5x61cm: "Spinnacker 1"; During our ferry crossing from Wemyss Bay over to Rothesay on Saturday we passed this lone sailor far out in the Firth scudding along to a merry hornpipe. How much I wished I was him with the wind in my sails and only dolphins for company...or so I would have it but then along comes another one chasing my rudder and trying to beat me into port. The race is on:

Acrylics on primed hardboard, 61x41cm: "Spinnacker 2"; This yacht has bright bands of colour on his spinnacker sail and a mean look as though nothing will get in his way and he intends to win this race come hell or high water!

Painted over two days both of these images were developed from distant photographic views, the smell of salt water in my nostrils, and the wind blowing through my ears because it can't blow through my hair any more as I don't have any!

You know it's funny, when I write the word 'yacht' it still takes me right back to my primary school days when I was learning to spell. We had just spelled this word pronounced as 'yawt' and were asked for any other boats or ships. I had my hand up in a flash offering another sailing vessel called a 'yach-t'! Ho ho ho what a tit! I've never changed. Still hopless at spelling. Thank goodness to Google. Where would I be without it!


Yellow said...

I especially like the top one, more abstract. The composition and simplicity gets right to the heart of the subject. Very well done (without meaning to sound at all patronising. I'll shut up now)

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thanks Stephanie. Please don't shut up - just express yourself and I'll listen!
I appreciate your comments.