Friday, 26 September 2008

Still Rumaging

It's like when you go up into your granny's loft and find all sorts of rubbish (which you see as delights) and think "This is amazing - I could do something wonderful with this!" and then you get it home and sure's rubbish! Well here is the latest 'delight' for your delectation:

Neocolour II on paper 29x19cm: "The Claw"; Struggling to give it a title so just plumped for 'The Claw' because my imaginative way with words has just deserted me. Not enough wine, that's the problem! Excuse me while I get a amongst yourselves.....Right I'm back. So what do I say of this? Actually I think it's one of the best so far (but don't dismay - there is better to come, I promise). Or is that my other delusional self talking? The truth is I'm a bit freaked out at the moment. Not just because my better half is due back from vacation tomorrow and I've still got a mountainous amount of housework to get stuck into (more later) but I see I have now got TWO followers to this blog and I'm panicking! "Help Ma Boab" as Oor Wullie used to say [ Oor Wullie is a fictional Scottish boy whom I grew up with, and was always getting up to high-jinx, but still consider my ultimate hero (not withstanding Homer Simpson, Pinocchio, and Plug {see previous posting:...}) (Note to self: must get a keyboard with more styles of parenthesis). Back to panic: Now that I know people are not only reading this rubbish but actually looking out for it gives me the heebie-jeebies. What if I let them down? What if they eventually see through it and think I'm a tit? What if I get another glass of wine and don't give a damn? What if I get back to the plot?
The plot: These attempts at abstract art seem to me to be pretty poor when I see what my other abstractionist heroes (previously mentioned) get up to. Theirs' (I was reading a book about puctuation the other day and I hope I understood enough to get the apostrophe in the right place there) (I love parenthesis because I can wander off and have a discussion with myself while you lot wonder what's going on!) where was I?... ah yes: theirs' is a much free'r expression which one day I hope to emulate. These images that I am presently coming up with are, I hope, simply the precursers of better things to come.
Housework: (Told you I'd get back to it!) Since 'She Who Will Be Obeyed" returns tomorrow I've got to make sure everything is ship-shape and Bristol fashion. I've done two washings so far, hung them out, and taken them in. Done a big ironing, and now I'm about to clear all the bottles and cans lined up along the mantlepiece after a whole week of partying (those of you who didn't manage have only got yourselves to blame - you were invited), wash every plate and pan in the house that seems to have found it's way into my sink (pretty sure the next-door neighbours dishes are in there too!) and clear all the paintings that I've got lined up on the living-room floor in preparation for the big submission (which is still a secret and don't say a word because I haven't told you about it yet). The one thing I absolutely will not do is... the hoovering. Why? Because she will only do it again anyway! Keeps her happy.


mawakeley said...

Oh....My.... God.....
I am crying I am laughing so hard!!!!!!!
Your art is wonderful, dear david, but really, you should do stand-up comedy.
I don't know if it's the wine or me or what.... I only know that I am now addicted to your parenthesized wander-offs... (i'm laughing again). So sad but true that they are keeping me sane.

I totally see from where your title for this piece derived!!

Party on Wayne (what Wayne says to Garth in Wayne's World... if you haven't seen that one, you'd love it:)))



daviddrawsandpaints said...

You shouldn't encourage me Marianna - I don't really know where to draw the line and start becoming so outrageous that I embarrass myself!
Thanks for your words - now I've got tears in my eyes with laughing, or is that just the onset of hysteria? :o)

my croft said...

word to the wise, my tipsy talented ether buddy, do the hoovering anyway (if you can still stand, and can stand the noise). Doing it over is only happy-making if it follows a sincere effort, otherwise it's just chalked up thoughtlessness (which is not happy-making) [which I'm sure you already know} {right?}.

oooohhh, big submission -- now there's a phrase to make you tremble. so exciting.

Melinda said...

You are hilarious! I'm so enjoying 'Following' your blog and look forward to more. However, I did worry a bit about the 'Following' thingy, 'cause I didn't want to add any pressure or lurking-like quality. <{This is what I now tell myself as I see some following over ta my place}>
But, ya gotta know that you have a fan club. And, that you are an inspiration.

Love the neocolor! Have you tried burnishing any of the layers with a cotton swab? It gives the color a kind of smooth enamel-like quality.

You are a wonderful writer and an excellent artist. You should feel proud and inspired. Don't let your left, self-critical brain scare you!

Hope you were able to do the hoovering before your beloved returned.

P. S. We await with baited breath for the submission secret to which you allude...

Andrea Kobayashi 小林アンドレア said...

The big submission eh?!..sounds interesting!

Edgar said...

These abstracts are quite engaging, David... although I don't know what they might really reveal about your subconscious (which I think of as a pretty dated Freudian idea of how our minds do what they do). I think sometimes that abstracts say more about one's learned esthetic than one's thinking. In these, your compositions seems more "orderly" than your more figurative works -- more thoughtful, albeit meditative thought, and less gesture or impulsiveness... [not a negative comment, I'm just trying to give you back the impression I got.]

daviddrawsandpaints said...

You will see, Melanie, that I took your advice and survived!
And you were also right about the vino - so I chukked the swaly for a week. Unfortunately that gave me laryngitis so I have had to resume normal daily intake to keep contact with my cyber friends!

Melinda: You and I are obviously on the same wave-length. No sooner had I clicked you as a 'follower' when I had a quick re-think on my "Man-at-the-door-in-a-long-black-raincoat" icon I quickly changed it!!!! Gawd, it makes you laugh!
I haven't tried burnishing the neocolours yet since I've been wrestling with plumbers for the past week, but I'll let you know when I do.

Don't you, and Andrea, get too excited about "The Big Submission" - I fully expect it to come to nothing. Again, I'll let you all know what it's about when it comes to a conclusion (it's great being secretive, as though there were fascinating things happening in my life!).

And you are right, Edgar, these abstracts are more considered than I would like them to be. You have to start somewhere and hopefully develop. I thank you very much for your impressions and appreciate you voicing them.

Ciao a tutti!