Thursday, 18 September 2008


Food is always a subject close to my heart and on today's menu is Fish Pie. Well not the pie itself because that would be gross, and in any case long gone tho' not forgotten, but the fork-I-ate-the-pie-with. That's the same Fish Pie, by the way, I ate with such satisfaction at the weekend when we stayed late on Rothesay for dinner.
Imagine the scene: we've placed our order from the Specials board and eagerly await it's arrival. The sun is dropping down below the distant hills and the warmth of a fruity Shiraz is warming my cockles. And there it is right in front of me:

Acrylics on primed plywood, 45.5x30.5cm: "Fork"; It's strange, isn't it, that you can travel all over the place searching for subjects to paint and then there it is staring you right in the face! But then food and all that is related to it has a special, magical, meaning. It's like having fairies at the bottom of your garden only much more exciting! Salute alla forchetta!


Yellow said...

If someone gave me the job of painting a fork I'd think 'Urghh. How very o'level subject. But I really like this. It's quite a menacing image of an everyday subject. Makes me think of monsters in children's books.

my croft said...

I really love portraits of everyday objects -- david's fork, vivien's paintbrushes, van gogh's shoes...

just wow.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

You both have made my day!
Everyday objects are so... everyday, that it takes something special to see them in a different light. I was just lucky to see this as it happened before my very eyes and recognise it for what it was!
I will forever go down in history for "David's Fork". Thanks Melanie!:o)

Gregory said...

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