Thursday, 25 September 2008

More Musings

Working up a storm here with more musings from the inner recesses of my mind:

Neocolour II on paper, 29x19cm: "Blue Ridge"; It didn't start with mountainous thoughts just a quiet meditation on how the pastel moved in my hand uninhibited.

Still on a craggy theme out came this crack in the space/time continuum:

Neocolour II on paper, 29x19cm: "Fissure"; Only joking - it's got nothing to do with the 'space/time thingy..' just me dreaming and having a lark at my own expense :o)

Putting these images down onto paper gives me a real up-lift as though I have found a voice which is just my own. Life couldn't get any better. And on top of that, after all those years in complete ignorance, I have just recently found "The Simpsons" and laugh out loud at it's truth and idiocy. Not only do I find I have a real affinity with Homer but also a great affection for Marge, whom I quote here: "Most women will tell you that you're a fool to think you can change a man. But those women are quitters!"

Talking of which - you'll be glad to know it's only two days till my darling wife returns from vacation and she'll sort me out again!

More musings tomorrow,



mawakeley said...

love these new images and appreciate the minimalistic approach you are so good at (bad grammar i know!).

also glad you finally found the simpsons... definitely good stuff there. i like bart best !!

party on, homer. two more days and it's over:)

Brian McGurgan said...

Glad to see you are holding up reasonably well on your own there, David. I know how out-of-sorts I get when Kyoko's away...

These abstracts of yours are a pleasure to watch as they progress. I like the Firth drawings very much as well. These seem to me like a natural departure point for this series of new paintings and the first abstract of the group that you've posted (Subconscious Musings #1) reads very much like a landscape to me. The subsequent works seem progressively less representational (except for the green and red eye, of course!) and perhaps less suggestive of landscape. Looks like you're finding your subconcious a very productive place to be.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Both of you are really far too kind (far too kind).
If I don't understand them what hope is there for anyone else?! The thing is I am always willing to push myself way beyond anything I am capable of, just to see what it feels like. Between you two and me it's somehow related to a sense of limited time available and what can I possibly achieve within that time. Melancholic I know but definitely a driving force.
You will see from today's post, Marianna, that the party is most certainly over! :o)

Brian: I always admire your great ability to analyse what's going on (I'm not joking here btw) and wish I could verbalise these things like you do. I just seem to fling myself into these things as the mood takes me and try to pick up the pieces as they fall.
I appreciate your taking the time to give me your thoughts which give me pause for thought and help give me direction. Cheers, my NY china! ('china' is Glaswegian for pal or buddy!)