Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Glasgow Lyric Choir

A very good friend of mine, Rosemary, managed to sell me tickets for a concert last November by the choir she sings with, The Lyric Choir, for a performance of the 'Mass For St Cecilia's Day' by Franz Josef Hyden. And as if getting me to put my hand in my pocket wasn't enough the Recital was held in St Andrews in the Square Church in Glasgows city centre. And as if all that wasn't enough it started with 'Zadoc the Priest'. Ma heid was birlin'! But, then, almost immediately, so was my spirit. Absolutely sublime music in a most wonderful venue.

Shy to begin with (step out to the front the person who guffawed!) I soon got out my wee sketchbook and started scribbling:

The lassie in the middle is my pal Rosemary, and here is a close-up of her singing away like a lintie:

But the soloists for the evening were something else again. Soprano Emma Versteeg was a pure delight:

And Ian Paton was also terrific:

I couldn't get drawings of either the Mezzo-Soprano (person in front with big ears) or the Bass (so close I could only give you an impression of his nasal hairs) but I could just about see the closest celloist:

An absolutely fabulous evening which brightened up the deepest and darkest November in Glasgow last year.

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