Sunday, 2 May 2010


Just a wee additional blog for a Sunday Nite -think of it like having dessert.

The question is: Whit's missing in this photie:

Well, before you answer the question you should know that my darling wife has disappeared to Arran for a week with her sister and I am left to fend for myself. So, with that in mind, you now realise I have also to make my ain dinners. And tonights delicacy was to be stew with carrots (need to get my five a day somehow [that's five bits of carrot I think?]), a bit o' pastry and mashed tatties.

Look again.

Yer no wrang...I forgot to put the spuds on. Ah well, that's ok - for I need to be watching my sylph-like waist-line anyway!

On the up-side, while savouring this less-than-perfect delight, I did get the chance to listen to a fascinating programme on BBC Radio 3 on Gustav Mahler's often inclusion of voices in his Symphonys, including his "Songs Without Voices". Don't know how he worked that one out but, hey, can't critizise a fellow depressive :o{

And as far as the dinner went? Never missed the spuds at all. Goes to show what a good wine can do :o)


Melinda said...

Well, spuds are nice, but art is even better, followed by playing some music, right?

C'mon, bro, it's only one week without the missus. This would be a good time to throw yerself in ta work!

You're lucky you can drink wine...

daviddrawsandpaints said...

It's great having a wee sista telling me whit tae dae!

Painting every day just now, Melinda. Wrestling with Pluto. It's just like a full-time job. Hopefully something worthwhile will come of it.

And, ye were right - after the radio on Sunday a whole evening of mandolin and a bit o' flatpickin'. Fingers now down to the bone :o{

Always a pleasure to be given direction and support.
Thanks sis!