Friday, 23 April 2010


I was having this conversation the ither day wi' my wee pal, Harry, sayin' just how much he needed to build himself up to take over the mantle of "West of Scotland Superhero of the 21st Century" from his ole' grand-pappy whenever I decide to hang up my skin-tights and cape. He listened attently and smiled (our very first that didn't include thrashing his legs around and strange lower abdominal noises) and a knowing look which said "you are the best, Big David" which is interesting in itself for that's whit my own son, Gavin, used to call me. Isn't ancestry a fascinating subject, I hear you say.
Or is that just the wine talking?

Anyway, here he is "working out" in his own little gym determined to make the grade before he is even two months old:

Which is a round-about way of telling you that I have got absolutely nothing more interesting to blether on about other than my two latest postings on two of my ither blogs: "Saturn" on my Semi-Abstract haverings, and my very last and final contribution to the Moleskine Exchange International, "Genesis".

Hope you all have a good wekend, and if I survive my second Bluegrass Jamming Session at Lauries Bar tomorrow I'll be back again next week bright eyed and bushy tailed to tell the tale.


Melinda said...

There was never a prettier baby, ever, except maybe back in 1989 (my babydoll), that I've seen other than yer dearest "superhero" to be.

He. Is. Gorgeous.

Ancestry is a wondrous thing.

Best wishes with the Bluegrass-fest.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

It's strange how promises to oneself to keep the integrity of ones own "Drawing and Painting" blog goes right oot the windae when yer ain wee MacSporran is concerned :o)

I don't wish to bore you wi' pics of my wee chum, but then again it's ma blog and ah'll bore ye if ah like!

And as much as I think he's the bees knees I'm sure he is no quite as pretty as yer ain wee boy!

ps: I've been practising like mad "Whiskey Before Breakfast" and "Temperance Reel" for a fortnight now to be ready for this Session which is a bit of a laugh since the one seems to cancel out the other...Yee-ha!

Melinda said...

Oh, yes, he's just as beautiful as my, cough, cough, "wee" boy (over 20 now!).

Please, share pics any time of your sweetie.

And, I remember back in June of 2009, that you played mandolin for us. Hmmm. That reminded me of something I saw on youtube that blew me away. I have this song going through my head whenever I think of inviting people over. I thought, even though it's technically folk and not bluegrass per se, you might enjoy the musicians and their skill.

It's called, "Come on Up to the House." Any time you're in our neck o' the woods, I hope you'll consider comin' on up to the house.

Break a leg at the Session!!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thank you very much, Melinda. I was thinking of coming over this week...say Thursday, perhaps? (while the wife's away) That's not too short notice I hope?

Nae worries, only jesting. If I ever get back to the States it will be a bloomin' miracle!
But miracles do happen I hear you say. And you are right. If there ever was anywhere in the world I would shift myself it would be to visit ma 'Sista in the States'.

Hey, that lassie, Sarah Jarosz, is just terrific. More Blues than pure Blugrass but a fantastic singer and mando player. I didn't realise (since it never came up afore) that you were a bit of a Bluegrass Gal at heart!
Well slap ma britches (as I believe you say way out west)!

ps: the Bluegrass jammin' Session was brilliant. Great music and I am learning fast to keep up!