Sunday, 4 April 2010


Encouraged by a recent blog-posting by Edgar on returning to basics as a way of dealing with life's traumas I am posting this set of sketches made yesterday, firstly while travelling by train into the big city, and secondly at a performance of "Raspberry" at the Tron Theatre. "Inspired by the life and songs of Ian Dury, Raspberry is a juicily gothic piece of music theatre that muses on the idea of perfection and perfectibility". The principal characters, some who are themselves disabled, play "crips" or as the Victorians would call them "cripples" - blind, spastic, and in a wheelchair. The blacksmith father, like some Frankenstein doctor, tries to make his crippled daughter "normal" by fitting metal plates to her legs on an anvil. Needless to say she wasn't really taken by his idea of normallity and just wanted to be herself!

But first, the journey into Glasgow.
A group of kids waiting at the station for a train:

Pencil in small sketchbook, A6.

On the train there was this teenage boy with excellent styled hair falling down to one side in a girlish way:

Pencil in small sketchbook, A6.

Waiting for the performance to start, two theatre goers:

Pencil in small sketchbook, A6.
Nice hair again (I notice these things :o)

Fittingly, this sketch was done "blind" when the lights went down and I could barely see the open sketchpad (at least I think the book was open):

Pencil in small sketchbook, A6.

Similarly this guy blowing his horn:

Pencil in small sketchbook, A6.
What a blast!


Edgar said...

How fun to observe and record your moments, not just traveling, but at a show. It must make quite a strong memory of the event to have that kind of involvement of your whole body and observing mind.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Edgar, it keeps me entertained if the show turns out to be boring!
Thanks for commenting.

Melinda said...

Ha! I love these drawings! I'm like you, too. I'd rather draw while at any event in case there is a lag in the performance or my mind wand e r s...Hey, look over there...

So glad you're back.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

...over where?

Cannae see a thing. Probably no tall enough :o{

Melinda, Melinda...oh you know the rest :o)

Hey, nice to see your smiling face and hear your laughing voice.

It's a very strange thing, ye know, being away for a while then trying to get back into it. I find I don't know what to say (now there's a first I hear you say). Edgar's posting helped me a lot to just start by getting back to basics.

Most of the work I have been doing over the past year has been for the painting course I was completing. And now it is complete so you might see something new over there before too long.

Melinda said...

You're now officially--Me Brither in Paint! And, I just know you'll find your voice soon enough. Wait! You have....!

It's all about beginning again, starting over, even if one does anew each day.

Brion said...

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