Thursday, 22 April 2010

With Outstretched Arms

I'm posting this favourite image of mine simply because I refer to it in my latest posting about "Apollo, the sun god", in my ither blog "Semi-Abstract Figure Painting"

Astonishingly I have never ever punted this painting onto the internet before, which is a mystery to me since I'm not usually slow at coming forward!

I have used this image for my business card and also for my avatar image on Flickr as it embodies that most expressive attribute of mine: wild exaggeration!

Well, wouldn't you also become larger than life and extend your arms to greet your paramour?


Joan Breckwoldt said...

I absolutely love this! The pop of orange against all the muted colors is fabulous. Thank you for posting it. Looks like I had better check out your other blog . . .

Melinda said...

Excellent work as usual, David. Oh, I don't think you're all about "wild exaggeration." I think you are a bright shining star, full of life and energy and filling canvasses with luscious color and strong compositions.

Love this image a great deal. I can see why you use it to represent yourself.

Ah, to be larger than, wouldn't that be heroic?! Hmmm.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hey Joan, thanks a lot!
"Fabulous" is one of my ither middle names :o)

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Melinda, Mel...whit's yer name?

I am absolutely ALL about wild exaggeration!

"Larger than life"...wish I was more than five-foot-two :o)[five-foot-seven, actually]

I have been whispering in wee Harry's ear recently that he needs to be the next Superhero and take after his auld grand-pappy when I hang up my skin-tights and cape :o{
(Glad to pass on the mantle and get oot o' these Speedoes - saving the world does ma heid in sometimes).

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