Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Pencil on paper 43x30cm: I'm in a bit of a back-water just now searching for something to excite me and engage my mind. Making a big pot of soup I am looking at these leeks and thinking about St David's Day in a month or so's time. I set a challenge to a new Flickr Friend to do something for Burns' Day which he duly did, but I was to reciprocate with something to do with Wales and St. David's day, or Dylan Thomas. Now I really don't read Thomas finding him a bit hard for my limited sensibilities, but I can do something for St.David's Day. So when I see these leeks lying all in a row waiting for the chop I think: Leeks! This pencil drawing is the first stage in making my painting. I need to get to know them intimately and I do this by close scrutiny and drawing.
Pastel on paper, 43x30cm: Next stage in development is a pastel drawing/painting (it's definitely drawing but looks like painting!). Here I have enhanced the colours, particularly the blue, for the sake of a strong image.
Pastel on paper, 43x59cm: Another study, this time elongated and simplified as three stalks standing together wondering what has happened to the other two!
Oils on canvas, 80x50cm: Final attempt at portraying these leeks lying together awaiting their fate. Began by mixing the colours I was going to use and started with the white stalks, then the yellow/green, then the dark green applying the colour in sincle large strokes. Then I cut into the leek shape with the dark blue shadows, finishing (in the first session) with the blue background. I have always liked the combination of green and blue together. Next day I finished by going over where I thought the colours needed strengthening and sharpening up some edges. Pretty pleased with this!


Andrea Kobayashi 小林アンドレア said...

So this is where you've been dude! Haven't seen you flickring for a while! HA. I have a blogger blog too now:

I'm going to add you as a link.

I like the muso drawings; great stuff!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hi Andrea, good to hear from you. How did you find me?
I'm taking a break from Flickr to clear my mind and paint some leeks!
I've left a wee note on your blogspot, which I think is terrific by the way.
Is muso japanese for leek?

daro said...

Hey David, a curiosity... What bands playing music in the gigs?


daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hi Daro,
Celtic Connections has grown from fairly parochial Scottish traditional music to World Music and this year was the best yet! If you Google Celtic Connections you'll see the whole list. I went to hear Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers from America, but preferred their support band: 'The Bills' from Canada. Steve Earle was another big name from America who got mixed reviews. But the highlight for me was Julie Fowlis - a Gaelic singer from Uist in the Outer Hebrideas of Scotland. See her here:
Didn't hear any Argentinian bands but later this month will go to hear 'Brejeiro' an acoustic band from Brazil.