Monday, 4 February 2008


La la la, going absolutely crazy with this incessant rain. Every time I go out of doors I get buckets of water down the back of my neck! So, I stay in and paint these orchids:

Pencil and watercolour on paper, A4: My wife thinks I do things to make these beautiful flowers come out and brighten up our kitchen, but I'm telling you I don't do a damned thing - they just do it by themselves! Time after time they bud, flower, and fade, bud flower, and fade, bud, flower...... Here I am working in the kitchen. It's freezing outside and pouring cats and dogs and I am keeping the company of these lovely ladies. They smile, they curtsey, they shyly turn away, but I am captivated! I'm in love (again). I stare and they answer back with a coy show of intense colour. They giggle and flutter their eyelashes. I blush because I know what they are saying about me. They are bold, they are laughing at me now. I love their company. They are courtesans, they are girls, they are fabulous young women in beautiful dresses. They have sweet faces and bright tasty lips. They make me feel alive. I draw. I paint. But can I capture their beauty? Can I hold onto their style? Their delicacy? Their giving? I would give everything I have to go out dancing with these Brazilian beauties. I hear the rhythm of Samba in my ears, in my feet, in my loins. We dance into the night, laughing, sipping margarita's, holding close, whispering, shouting! I'm exhausted! Too old for this! Bollox - lets do it again.....

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