Monday, 14 January 2008

The Scott Monument

Oils on board, 30x40cm: My trip through to Edinburgh on Saturday reminded me of this little painting I did not so long ago. It's the wonderful Victorian monument to Sir Walter Scott in the Waverley Gardens facing on to Princes Street. This view is from across the Gardens on the other side of the railway at low level. It was Springtime and although the Cherry trees were in full bloom it was a cold grey day with a chilly sea harr coming in from the Firth of Forth. I chose this view in order to get Sir Walter silhouetted against the sky gap between buildings. The building on the left is Jenners a large department store offering good quality merchandise and designer labels at top prices. Needless to say I seldom purchase anything there although I did once buy a new bunnet to keep my head warm!


DeLi said...

a place it seemed, when one can be inspired to write monumentalpoetry :)

daviddrawsandpaints said...

And very short poems too, I guess. It must be very cold sitting up there with a chilly Easterly wind blowing up you trouser leg!:):):)
Cheers DeLi!