Thursday, 23 October 2008

Infinity Vortex

Usually I stumble about, each day bringing fresh challenges (which is the same for all of us) and then I have rare moments of clarity (which might be the same for some of us).

It's a strange world.

This is the last of my Subconscious Musings for the present: ([{I've forgotten what number I'd gotten to, so we'll just call it SM#Infinity}]) Nothing special except it brings that series to a close:

Neocolour II on paper, 30x25cm: "Vortex";

Now I can move on.


Melinda said...

Oh, I do hope you'll revisit your "Subconscious Musings" again sometime. These are wonderful, rich in symbology, and engaging.

I wonder where your materials will take you next...

Sampson said...

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