Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Dear Friends

It grieves me to have to tell you that as far as I can be certain Leo is dead and gone.

I duly phoned the Council yesterday morning and they confirmed it was a black&white cat that was removed but they also immediately incinerated his body. I understand their responsibility to do that quickly but I am angered they did not scan him for the record. I was told they do not have the time or the equipment to do so. I will write to the South Lanarkshire Council's Director of Land Services to express my dismay that they cannot make the time or have the small hand-held piece of equipment to scan what was obviously a family pet as a matter of standard proceedure. It may be a nuisance to them but it is of great importance to me and others who might lose their furry friend and not know what happened.

I still look for him at the window.


mawakeley said...

David, I wished for better news about Leo. I once had a cat run away and I never knew what happened to her. Time will heal. marianna

Brian McGurgan said...

I'm so very sorry to hear this news, David. I've been checking your blog frequently hoping Leo would turn up safely. We're thinking of you and wishing you both all the best.

Melinda said...

I'm sorry, David. Take your time. We're wishing you peace.

my croft said...

oh dear David, I'm completely sorry to hear this. I was hoping he was off somewhere sulking for having been chipped. It's so, so hard to lose a pet.

And I'm completely with you on your irritation that the Council did not check for the chip. We do our part, and they should -- they really should -- do theirs.

My sad heart and fond thoughts are with you.


Andrea Kobayashi 小林アンドレア said...

My condolences. I am sad to hear this.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thank you all for your support. I can tell that Leo has touched your hearts also.
He wasn't just any old moggy y'know, he was my pal, my buddy. It seems a bit strange to be talking about a cat in this way but that's the way it was between us, friends from the start. I cared for him deeply.

I have now accepted he has gone out of my life and tomorrow I will get back to painting. I thank you all for your patience with me and all your kind words.

Peace and love.

Beverly Kaye Gallery said...

I understand your loss completely. I am so sorry for what you are going through. When my boys were small we went out for dinner and when we returned our beloved dog was gone. After two days of searching, the police told me that he had been hit by a car and incinerated the same night. He had a red collar identifying him and us, but we didn't even get that back. My children always wondered if he really was killed, or stolen. There really should be a rule that animals cannot be incinerated without reaching out to contact their families first.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Beverly, thank you for your visit and your comments. I appreciate them very much.
There is this sense of not knowing which is driving me potty, and at the same time a deep knowing just the same (if that makes sense).
I think the "Authorities" are too busy doing their job without thinking what it would be like if it was their family member. I am going to do my damndest to make a change in their procedures here.

You should have got his collar back.