Friday, 24 October 2008


A fragmented day. Whoever said only women can multi-task got it completely wrong. My mind has been in at least six places all day.
Firstly (and most importantly), the cat: it's not unusual for Leo not to turn up in the morning, but he is usually there at the window at least by mid-day. No sign of him. And still at half-past-eight this evening still no sign of him. Not like him at all. Eight o'clock is his sweetie-time. Either he's copped his whack under the wheels of a car (which I don't believe because he is very fast indeed), or someone is keeping him. I wouldn't blame them for Leo is one good looking feline. But HE IS MINE! LET HIM GO!!!!
Secondly, painting: Hard to concentrate today. Attempting to push my boundaries a little further (while at the same time continuously looking out of the studio door hoping to see il mio gatto sitting patiently for me, waiting to get in) working on pastel images and acrylic paintings of abstracted fragments straight from my subconscious. No thinking - just doing. Responding intuitively with a bunch of colours in my hand [see images below].
Thirdly: the new boiler is acting up - it frequently "locks-out" which means when hot water is required it fails to ignite and warning lights come on requiring re-setting. I am unable to induce this to happen and find myself watching it for ages so I can catch it 'in flagrante' so to speak. No luck - it apparently knows when I am observing it - but there it goes again just when I turn away! Bandit (to put it mildly)!
Fourthly: I've had to get two new front tyres for my car this morning before the winter sets in properly since those on the front are too close to the limit (oh what fun sitting in the garage waiting room trying to read a newspaper and ignore the numpties on day-time telly who expose their miserable lives to the world {she wants to give her ex-con, pot-smoking, lazy-bastard of a live-in boyfriend, and father of her three children who he couldn't give a damn about, another chance after he has cheated on her for an EIGHTH time!!!! [and not only is he unintelligible when he speaks but more than half of it is bleeped out to save my delicate ears] I think: when the hell will my tyres be ready and where the hell is my cat! Important things, ye'know?
Fifthly: trying to break in these new Timberland clod-hoppers to wear with my kilt at tomorrow night's ceilidh {one of The Mandolin Boys (big Alan) is getting hitched and there will be a party with no holds barred!} [so if there are no postings for a few days you will know the reason why!] It's pure agony and a bit distracting. So don't tell me about multi-tasking - ma heid, as well as ma feet, 's about burstin'!
Sixthly: Had to go to the clinic to get my annual flu jab but when I presented myself at Reception was told I was a whole week too early! See what happens? As they say in these parts: "Auld age disnae come alane!" What with the failing eyesight, loss of memory, and the bad back!
Which brings me neatly to my abstracts:

Neocolour II on paper, 21x15cm: "Fragments #1"; started by randomly drawing patches of colour and binding them together. A kind of loosening-up exercise, but too stiff for where I want to go.

Neocolour II on paper, 21x15cm: "Fragments #3"; Now we're whistlin' Dixie! Without boundaries these fragments leapt out onto the page.

Neocolour II on paper, 21x15cm: "Fragments #5"; Using a technique here suggested by Melinda - burnishing the Neocolours with a moistened pad, which of course fills in the white gapos between my pastel strokes. I can see uses for this, so thanks Melinda!

Neocolour II on paper, 21x15cm: "Fragments #8": This one struck me as being not too unlike Monet's lily-pond with reflections of the sky and some dark structure. You can purchase this from me for, oh, about £2million? Done - sold to the lady with the lost look on her face!

Neocolour II on paper, 28x20cm: "Last of the Nasturtiums"; Gazing out of the studio window waiting for you-know-who to turn up I see these nasturtiums desparately clinging on to some life when they should in fact be consigned to the compost bin. So I give them one last hurrah. Hurrah!
But still no sign of Leo :o(
Oh, and the bad back? When I stand for long periods at the easel my back starts to give me gyp. So now I'm doing my work sitting on the floor. Ok till one of them big tarantula spiders scurries on by. I wouldn't mind too much but it's the disdainfull look on it's face when it stops to see what I'm doing. Cheeky bandit!
And still no sign of Leo :o((((


Melinda said...

I don't know of anyone who can concentrate while waiting for a beloved pet to return. I sincerely hope your Leo is back tonight.

You've wow'ed the eyes of this artist once again. Times five! Fragments #5 and #8 are my abstract favorites. I really like the way you burnished the neocolor! Fragment #8 does suggest Monet's water lilies. How did you do that?!

Why don't new machines behave? I agree that they may sense your presence and not reveal their miscreant behavior, but one day, you'll catch it and fix it, and that will be that. Until then, speak kindly as you walk by and perhaps you can trick it...

Yes, this aging thing can be quite the challenge. If I were you, after realizing that you'd shown up too early for your flu shot, I'd say, "I knew that. I was just testing you!" ;)

We will hold good thoughts for your dear Leo.

my croft said...

When my cats wander, they usually show up again on the third day. I don't know why they have this semi-cosmic internal clock, but I've come to rely on it (if not to appreciate it).

On the fragments, I really like the sesne of freedom in the scribbles and the juxtaposition of colors. ever the contrary (or perhaps just uptight) one, I especially like #1, largely for the slink of what seems to be olive through the middle upper areas.

vivien said...

I hope Leo is home now

We lost ours for nearly a week last year and experts said they generally run half a mile and slightly to the left if panicked - so it you have to search maybe look in that direction?

It pretty much is where we eventually found her as well. Nearer than half a mile but int he direction I felt she'd run if spooked

Brian McGurgan said...

Any sign of Leo, David? I know how anxious waiting for a missing pet can be and am hoping for good news soon. Hang in there, my friend! I like your boundary-less fragments very much - lots of energy and nice interplay between warm and cool colors.

mawakeley said...

love the first abstract! it's really well done.
quite a laundry list of issues here. first and foremost i pray your cat comes home pronto:)

daviddrawsandpaints said...

My heart is breaking for the loss of this cat and I have tried to describe for you where we presently are in trying to find him in todays posting.
I really appreciate all your well wishing for his safety and return.

For me the art is secondary, but it's largely why we are here. I appreciate you all taking the time to visit and leave your comments.

Starting at the end - Marianna: there is so much going on atm it's as well I haven't got a 'proper' job! It's interesting to me that you like the first one and I will contemplate that for a while. I don't know where I am going with this, and after all my grand statements about focus I still find myself just following my nose!
Grazie mille la mia amica.

Brian: thank you too. Your observations always make me go back to see with fresh eyes. Mary Ann (Marianna) talked about this recently (elsewhere) about the value of another pair of eyes. I value your input.

Vivien: I am such a novice at this cat thing! It's all a new experience for me caring for a small animal that means more than the world to me. I hope for his safe return soon.

Melanie: Thanks also for your concern for Leo. We were just recently joking about how some cats seem to know a soft touch when they find them. I can't believe he has wandered off because he's found something better elsewhere.
Scribbles is a speciality of mine, and I really like the idea of a color (olive) 'slinking'! [see that americanism creeping in?{color}]

Melinda, Melinda, Melinda: Firstly - the boiler doctor (Steve the Plumber, without his mate) has been and prescibed a dose of higher gas pressure to sort the problem out. And it has worked. I can now grow capsicums in my Kitchen, out of season!

The aging thing is only a problem if you admit there is anything wrong! So just act daft (I always say) and you'll get a free hurl. Except I didn't - I've got to go back again next week!

I'm really glad you like these uncertain attempts at abstract. I nearly said 'abstraction' but what I really want to explore is unadulterated, deeply felt, expression in the abstract. Don't know if I can do it but I'll try just the same!
Monet's water lilies just came out that way. I don't know how other abstract painters (like Marianna) concieve their paintings but I just tried to unhinge my thoughts and paint from the gut. There are more efforts to come in the next few days.

Thank you all, and goodnight!

Jasper said...

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