Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Calder Water

Another fantastic day here in Scotland - you would almost believe that summer has finally arrived! Took myself off for another days Plein Air pastelling this time at one of my favourite locations: Mossmulloch, near Strathaven. Very few people pass by, only the occassional cyclist and farm trucks piled high with sheuch! Otherwise it's painting to the sounds of lambs calling for their mothers, larks ascending, and an invisible frog serenading me from the other side of the burn. First painting is of the Calder Water winding it's way down through gentle folds in the landscape:
Pastel on ingres paper, 22x15cm: With clear blue skies above I can respond directly to the reflections in the water with my favourite blues. From the same position I just turned 90degrees to the left and I see the riverbank cut away with pebbles and rocks exposed:

Paste on Ingres paper, 22x15cm: A bit more naturalistic but made using a limited palette of blues, mauves, and green. Further up the burn there is a small tributary where Mallard Duck hide from spying eyes and a farm bridge is constructed from old rusted steel girders and wooden handrails greyed with age and weather. A Buzzard mews above:
Pastel on Ingres paper, 22x15cm: I'm distracted by a huge insect that crawls across my page and gives me the heebie-jeebies! Therefore I paint this fairly realistically with my mind on self preservation rather than creating my other world. Pastel on Ingres paper, 22x15cm: A dark pool where the water slows to an apparent standstill but the wind ripples across the surface reflecting the blue sky above. Last year's docken still stands red, and a fish quietly rises to take a Mayfly.
Cutting this short to rush off to watch the Mighty Glasgow Rangers play Motherwell. Back later to finish!

And here I'm back again happy to report that the Gers won 1-0. An ugly win but another three points on the board!

This last painting is my impression/expression of the river rushing and tumbling between constricting rocks on it's mad dash to meet the River Avon a few miles further down the glen. Here I'm almost looking down vertically on top of it and kept from falling in by two sheep and a lamb hanging onto my braces! (you can tell by now I've had a few glasses of Guinness to help with the narrative!)

The first, second, fourth, and last painting above can all be purchased in my shop at Etsy:


daro said...

Hola David! Very Goog Dark Pinewood!!


Saludos from Argentina


Yellow said...

Hiya David, Casey suggested I invite you to join in a moleskine exchange I'm organising. If you're interested please email me at steph_a_smith at btconnect dot com and I'll send you some more info. Here's hoping. Steph aka yellow

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hola Daro!
Good to hear from you. I've been on holidays to Spain so just getting back to you now. Thanks for the lucky comments on my Dark Pinewoods.
Saludos from Scotland,

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hola Yellow Steph!
Thanks for the invite. I would like to know more about it so I'll email you for more information.
Saludos from Scotland

Gesa said...

Hi David,
I saw these on Etsy too - they are great ones: deceivingly simple. The palette works very well. The pebbles remind me of Peploe (and not just by sound that is).

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thanks for commenting Gesa. I have been concentrating on pastels lately and enjoying them too although I haven't done much for the past wee while having brought back the Spanish Lurgi from my holidays.
What I have done, however, is to post off my moley sketchbook to you today with something on my Dance Theme. I hope you are able to join in the dance with me!