Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Cala de San Vicente

Day trip to Cala de San Vicente - a very attractive village set at the end of a deep inlet with some fine looking hotels and excellent resaurants. There are two small beaches divided from each other by a high rock outcrop and on each side flanked by these towering peaks. The beach scene featured below is the nicer of the two beaches with a small, clean, stretch of sand and straw canopies to provide shade for the many young families enjoying themselves:

Pastel on ingres paper, 30x22cm: "On the Beach at San Vicente"; painted directly while Jacqui was burying me up to my neck in sand - Oh what fun! My only regret was that I hadn't brought my cozzie and snorkel so I couldn't go swimmin' with the fishes. That was for another day. And talking of fun these two were having lots of it cavorting around the beach with their beach-ball:
Pastels on ingres paper, 22x15cm: "Beach Ball"; This was just a 'snapshot' of the two figures as they ran around the beach laughing and shouting with each other.

This small painting can be purchased in my shop here at Etsy: http://davidcornelius.etsy.com/

Pastel on ingres paper, 30x22cm: "Col de Cornavacas"; After a fine lunch at a first class restaurant overlooking the bay I made this painting while letting two glasses of vino blanco softened the afternoon into a very pleasant memory. Directly opposite me was this imposing mount rising above a dense belt of pines and giving strong backdrop to a group of white plastered houses and small bar. What a brilliant situation for a quiet drink overlooking the cove and let the day drift by!

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