Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Wester Crosshill

It's great to get out of the studio again after being stuck in almost all winter. Today was just the kind of day I like: sunny but with lots of cloud formations to make it interesting. Still very cold though. After visiting a friend in hospital, and amazed at his fortitude and forward positive thinking, I had to get out sketching always wanting to make the most of every day. Took a walk over to Wester Crosshill not far from where I live. This old farm house was bequeathed to the National Trust for Scotland by the previous owner - an old lady (now) who lived in the house all her married life and left it just a few years ago exactly as it always was since the 1920's with all the original furniture. The National Trust continue to run it as part of a wider project with the Museum of Farming Life _ a new building housing artifacts and farming machinery from a bygone age. Fascinating stuff, and the museum has a good (if a little expensive) cafe/restaurant.
Wester Crosshouse stands at the top of a wooded hill overlooking the surrounding countryside. This is the drawing I made:

Pastels on paper, 40x30cm: "Wester Crosshill": This is the view seen on approach up the hill from the South. It is almost castle-like and perhaps a bit grim! The other elevations are much friendlier, with a sense of the classical even and an entrance conservatory. But I have often liked this view best with the mature tree forms standing there in front protecting it.


Casey Klahn said...

I really like the composition of this one. Complex, but simple, too.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thanks for the appreciation Casey. I would like my painting to become simpler, more abstract, but that will come I'm sure in time. But I need to hurry up - tempis fugit!

Oberon said...

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