Monday, 21 April 2008

Good Things Come in Threes

Still running amuck with these new pastels, drawing everything in sight; like these three tulips from Amsterjam, and the birch trees in my garden:

Pastels on Ingres paper, 15x20cm: "The Three Vriendin": Pretty fancy these three pals with their natty red stripes on bright yellow petals. You would need to be a blooming blind bee to miss these while out shopping for honey!

Pastels on Ingre paper, 15x20cm: "My Bold Birches": If you don't have exactly the right colour in your hand then use one you do!

I should have added that I made my very first sale on the internet yesterday through Etsy. So that's the first; now I just need another two to make up a trio of Good Things!


Marilyn M. King said...

Congrats for your mention on "Making a Mark" about easels. Jennifer sent me to the site and you were there too! I'm loving your new pastel work, especially the scene of the historic buildings - was it Crosshill? (I can't go back to the blog to check the name)

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hi Marilyn, Thanks for your comments. I AM getting around a bit more! There are lots of great blogs out there on the two subjects that are interesting me most at this moment: painting en plain air (and you have just joined the fray!); and painting daily even for just one hour, which is often about as much time as I get at present. And I flit between pastels and oils. As you see I'm on pastels right now!
Yes, the old farm building is "Wester Crosshill". Glad you like it:o)