Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Up at Wester Crosshill (see: wester-crosshill.html) there are some barns and outhouses associated with the farm which have nice characteristics and settings. They both sit up on a plateau and, like the house itself, are protected by a steep bank and big chunky trees. In both drawings I have distilled the scene, eliminating other buildings adjoining to make for a simpler statement.

Pastels on Ingres paper, 22x15cm: "Stone Barn"; The stonework has been repointed and cleaned up but the stains of many decades are still there like ghosts from the past.

Pastels on Ingres paper, 22x15cm:"Blue Barn"; Speaking of ghostliness this double roofed blue barn stands silent and ominous at the top of the slope and rather than paint the trees naturalistic I have painted them with complimentary mauves and purples just because!

This small painting can be purchased in my shop at Etsy:

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