Monday, 18 February 2008

Pastels Extravaganza!

Jacqueline bought these lilies yesterday even though all our vases are already full! I'm not complaining because these look just fantastic and are giving me the eyeball and saying: "Paint us!" "Paint us now!" Happy to oblige I take them on a short, but hazardous, trip from the warm Dining Room where they are enjoying happy times in comfortable surroundings to the frozen wastes of my studio. That'll teach them for looking so elegant, Ha!

Pastels on paper, 43x59cm: Lilies In A Vase. Without any preliminaries I started drawing with two or three different colours in a kind of bold sketchy manner. I was keen to keep their trauma to a minimum! There was not too much for me to do since they almost draw themselves. The only cause for deeper thought was to decide what background they might look best with since I couldn't really put in the chaotic surroundings of the studio. I decided something gentle and simple was in order so blocked in my favourite blues and purples. Pleased with this as it stands but already I can see how to develop it further in paint. I'll return to it another day and see where I can take it next. In the meantime I better get these lovely ladies back into the house before they freeze their petals off!
Since I'm now in the mood for some bold colouring I made this pastel from a small photograph in the paper which caught my attention. Great colours and a dynamic pose. Just the kind of thing I like so much.
Pastel on paper, 43x59cm: Multi-coloured Shift Dress by Armstrongs Vintage of Edinburgh, with pink stockings and blue knitted beret. You won't miss her walking down Buchanan Street, or Princes Street for that matter!

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