Monday, 10 December 2007

Figure Composition

charcoal on paper, A4. Composition and value sketch. A simple construct with two female figures to the fore and a third, male, figure in background with it's looming presence.
watercolour on paper, A4. Colour study with a range of harmonic blues set off by the complementary yellow. The figures are intentionally not drawn or painted too clearly because it is the more abstract shapes I want to express, and how these interlock. I would like to find this semi-abstract means of expression whereby the figures are there to be seen but they are treated abstractly much in the manner of Keith Vaughan whose work has long attracted me.
In the early 1970's I bought this book of his shown below and, although his type of artwork has I think gone out of fashion, I am still intrigued by it (like most things from the 1950's and 60's). I want to be the one who takes the baton from KV and runs with it adding my own interests and vision. It's a long road and I haven't yet found the means but I will keep trying!
Keith Vaughan's Journal & Drawings, 1939 - 1965, published by Alan Ross of London in 1966. It was originally priced at 63shillings (about £3.15) and I got it for half-price paying £1.40. A bargain, and a constant source of inspiration!

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