Friday, 31 May 2013

Little Amy

Spent the afternoon in the delightful company of my little grand-daughter Amy:

"Amy, newborn  study#1", pencil in sketchbook, A4.

At only a few hours old she is holding her finger up over her nose just like my own mother used to do

"Amy, newborn study#2", pencil in sketchbook, A4.

It seems that any mark I make, in whatever medium, is always too harsh for a newborn.

"Amy, newborn study#3", charcoal on paper, 59x42cm.

I like the idea of Amy's face the only element with colour in a neutral surrounding  .

"Amy, newborn study#4", acrylics on paper, 59x42cm.

Nanna Jacqui's arm should be less straight but curved round more to continue the encirclulation.

The big questions for me to answer are:
i) How am I going to translate all this information into a decent painting?

ii) Can I do a decent painting?

iii) Do I know what a decent painting is?

Much to ponder.


sally said...

congrats grandpa! Yes you will make several amazing paintings of this little one for years to come. I'm definately digging what's happening here!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thanks Sally - I hope I'm up to the task and I hope she will sit willingly for her Pappa!

AKandKO said...

Another wee bairn?! Congratulations. Indeed it is intimidating to find the right weight of line for drawing babies.The recent landscapes are wonderful. I hope the webbing on the foldaway holds!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thanks Andrea, and very nice to hear from you!
I've just spent this afternoon in the company of little Amy letting her know who her Pappa is...sweet wee girl (whenever she stops bawling her head off at 200db).
It was good to get out sketching in the open air again but haven't done so since - I'm feart the pink thread will give way and I'll end up with my bum on the ground again :o(