Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pyramus and Thisby

Well, the penny finally dropped with an almighty clang!

I've been here before, of course, (many times but without proper recognition) but when this current manifestation arrived with a bang I knew in my heart completely that this is what I have been searching for - unabashed expressive painting carried out with total confidence. It's the culmination of many hours standing in front of an easel, and yet it comes so easily. Very strange, but also very satisfying.

 And what better subject than humongously huge mammy and daddy pigs!

"Pyramus", Acrylics on paper,43x59cm.

"Thisby", Acrylics on paper, 43x59cm.

Mammy Pig was separated from her paramour by a brick wall but they snuffled and smooched through a gapping chink much like Pyramus and Thisby in A Midsummer Nights Dream:

THISBY: O wall, full often hast thou heard my moans,
For parting my fair Pyramus and me!
My cherry lips have often kisse'd thy stones,
Thy stones with lime and hair knit up in thee.
PYRAMUS: I see a voice; now will I to the chink,
To spy an I can hear my Thisby's face.
THISBY: My love! thou art my love, I think.
PYRAMUS: Think what thou wilt, I am thy lover's grace;
And like Limander am I trusty still....Oh, kiss me through the hole of this vile wall.
THISBY: I kiss the wall's hole, not your lips at all!

These two champions can be seen up at Wester Kittochside Farm as part of the National Trust for Scotland's Museum of Rural Life at East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire.

ps:  All's well that ends well with many little piggies to testify to that!

"Three Little Piggies", Acrylics on paper, 43x59cm.

snuff snuff, grunt grunt to y'all!!!

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