Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Legend

A true artist (and I am a true artist [indubitably]) never goes anywhere without his pencil and a sketchpad, even doon the pub intent on only drinkin'!

It's a bit of a hobby of mine to observe my fellow imbibers as they socialise and present me with subjects without having to pay them for their imortalisation:

Fascinating abstract pattern dress on rather large lady.

And this man reading "The Lost Army of Cambysus":

I have not read this book yet myself but it looks like my kinda thing - ancient armies lost in sandstorms.

One day, when I am sadly gone, these unknown bar-flies will be viewed in books about the artist and how he was mis-understood and under appreciated (except by those in Arizona at least) and really only a legend in his ain hoose.


Melinda said...

You are definitely a true artist, a "legend in his ain hoose," as well as around the world. I'm just more vocal about it.

Remember it's the rule of 10,000 hours and a steady accumulation of successes. There is no Hollywood.

I love these drawings! Such texture. Such expressive lines. Really well done.

Now. I've got a pain in me head...
Gud minn godur! Thad er o:xi i ho:fdinu a mer.

Or, for your benefit:
Och, mo Dhia, 's e tuagh a tha sa' mo cheann.

Keep walking those miles and marking those steps.

P. S. Egil's Sagas and Grettir's Saga are good too. Although, I can attest that one should not ask a young person to read them to you as you try to fall asleep--lots of hacking and blood.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Always brings a smile tae my face when you visit, Melinda. Please forgive the haverings of an auld drunk man giving vent to a tremendous powerful force in the aftermath of such high pressure. I have been informed now that my two parcels have in fact reached their destination so now I am in the lap of the OCA and the gods of artistic endeavor (American spelling yet again)rather than DHL.

I hope it wisnae me that gave ye the pain in yer heid?

"Gud minn godur..." looks like Norse (I am guessing), but "Och. mo Dhia..." looks like Gaelic, neither of which I have the faintest clue of, and wonder how on earth you know these languages?
Saga's sound good to me, especially with hacking and blood :o)
Pleased you like the two drawings...and very pleased to be talking tae ye.
All my best wishes,

Melinda said...

Yee-Ha! David, I'm so glad your work arrived safely. They are in good hands.

I was trying to compose a witty retort (googling my way through languages) when I stumbled upon the many ways in which one could say, "Oh, my God! I've got an axe in my head!" So, I sent you one in Icelandic, which seems apropos considering axes and armies, and one in Gaelic which, well, I didn't know if you'd understand, but thought it was fun.

Nah. I laugh, enjoy, then strain my two brain cells to respond, hence the "pain."

Always a pleasure visiting and seeing your good work.

Keep us up to date, eh? We wish you well in all your endeavours! What a nice language exchange...

'Sista Melinda

daviddrawsandpaints said...
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daviddrawsandpaints said...


An axe in yer head sounds so avante-garde!

I've taken a vow of nae work for a fortnight (at least) while the World Cup is on telly, and since Scotland never made it to South Africa I'll be rooting for the USA!

And yer "Ye-ha!" is spot on since I spent the afternoon wi' my pal playing a few favourite Bluegrass tunes - "Whiskey Before Breakfast" (how appropriate) "Temperance Reel" (I should heed, but do I ever?), "The Turkey I left Behind Me", and "The Girl in the Straw", or perhaps the ither way round, and to finish up..."Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms". We'll need to put out a CD and let you hear how fantastically awful we are :o)

I've still to bring my Semi-abstract site up to date which I will do asap (in between World Cup games), and then you will be the first to know how I fared, good or bad.
Have a very good weekend, Melinda, and I hope OUR team wins!

Joan Breckwoldt said...

Wonderful sketches. Your bringing your sketch book with you everywhere (even to the bar! :) ) is an inspiration. I'm going to throw mine in my bag.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

It's just what I do, Joan.
Don't give it too much thought, just do it and you will be amazed what you achieve, and in no time you will have many subjects for painting. All of my sketches like this appear (eventually) in paintings.
Fabulous to see you here commenting - I appreciate it very much :o)

Celeste Bergin said...

hey daviddrawsandpaints! I love your paintings and drawings. If whomever you've submitted this all to doesn't love them too----they are blind. excellent work..all of it. I like how you glued that vase together too. You are an impressive man.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

What a lovely comment to open up to this morning - thanks very much Celeste!
You are very impressive yourself. Had a quick look at some of your work and applaud your plein air painting. Also your figure painting...particularly "Girl Waiting".
I'm off on vacation for a wee while but will have a longer look when I get back.
Nice to see you hear and thanks again for your comments!

artslice said...

Love these off the cuff drawings and the accent! Happy weekend :)

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hi Brenda!
I did indeed have a very happy weekend in which I not only returned a weary but happy man from my holidays in the Lake District, got to wheel my wee grandson around in his pram, and met yet another fantastic artist in Bloggerland. Very good to meet you, and get your comment :o)