Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I’ve just dragged my sorry ass over the finishing line, dehydrated and delirious!
(I need a drink - anybody want to come out for a few libations with me? :o)

The DHL van came today and took my portfolio of Semi-Abstract Figurative paintings and supporting Logbooks, Notebooks, Sketchbooks, and Sketchpads away down to Barnsley, in England, for Assessment by the Open College of the Arts. What the hell they will make of it is anybody’s guess. Time will tell.
In the meantime, I’m now officially on holiday and there won’t be much in the way of image making for a few months.
I’ve spent the last three weeks making a Portfolio and cardboard shipping containers, writing my Students Review of the Course, bonding finished paintings onto presentation boards, printing out titles for every piece, and generally making sure everything is as I want it.
I feel like a discarded lump of flotsam washed ashore and neither of the sea or the land. In limbo, wondering what it was all about, and where to go now. I think I’ll go camping and see what the countryside has to say, or maybe just take my grandson out for a spin in his pram. A major turn in my life is about to occur, and I don’t know what direction to take.
The one good thing is that the Course has helped me develop a good working process, and a manner of painting which suits my personality, and a consistency which was missing before.
In the autumn, in between pushing Harry’s pram and playing mandolin, I will find a new Project to engage me and try to produce paintings which try to catch the balance between representation and abstract:

"Two Girls", oils on canvas, 61x42cm.

There is much more waiting to be discovered.


Melinda said...

It is a big day, David. I am so very happy for you. You've clearly put so much work and heart into your art followed by careful cataloging and packaging.

You're going to do well. I just know it.

I'm glad, too, that you're going to have some fun with your dear grandson. That's good therapy for the spent artist's soul.

Then, I'm sure you'll get back to work, making fabulous colourful paintings and playing joyfully.

No rush. Enjoy this moment. We'll be waiting patiently!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Ye've no idea how tierd I feel, but satisfied.
Thanks for your continued support, Melinda!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

So tired ah cannae spell right :o{

vivien said...

you'll do well I'm sure - I like this one a lot

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hi Vivien, great to hear from you.

I have definitely come a long way and the likes of this painting is just a development from all my semi-ab work. Hopefully there will be more like this to follow.
Hope to see more Sennan seascapes from you over the summer,

Sheila Vaughan said...

You've got the balance here alright. It's good stuff mr. daviddrawsandpaints. Congrats on finishing the course but ... you will be imageless? does that mean no more painting cos you're on 'oliday? eh lad, there's no rest for painters, didn't they tell you that at college?

daviddrawsandpaints said...

My gawd yer a hard task-master, Sheila - gie an auld man a brek!

I will undoubtably get back into the studio before too long - at least when I can face the carnage left from getting this project finished, packaged up and sent oot the door :o{ but only if I can find the time between rescuing my garden from the wilderness, shushing greetin-faced Harry, watching The World Cup, drinking, and now Wimbledon has just started, with the peloton of the Tour de France rapidly coming over the hill!
In amongst all that I have also been catching up with mandolin practice and some guitar [there are more strings to my bow, ye know, than bristles on my brush].

I'm in a bit of freefall at the moment and painting will have to wait till I recover my sanity :o)

It's good to know, however, that you are looking for paintings from me and before tooooo long I promise to oblige.
Thanks for visiting chez moi and cracking the whip but you can't flog a dead horse or stop a man intent on partying!
Schools out for summer, Yaay!!!!!
(off doon the pub)
Hasta la vista!

Paula O'Brien said...

Yummy. This is inspiring me to revisit some of my earlier drawings with more of a fashion/ theatre attitude than my current more figurative work. We'll see what cooks up next when I next get into the studio. I'm busy building a big international figurative art network site that maybe you'd like to join. Am currently making a slide show for it so get in touch soon if that's of interest to you. Thanks! Paula