Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Tropical Fishes

Oils on cardboard, 20x15cm: I have found it hard recently to do any painting at all but this idea of painting for only 1 hour has re-invigorated me. It helps, of course, that the painting size is so small but what really makes the difference is to lay on colours in single, final, strokes. I'm applying the paint much thicker to cover the ground and this way it allows me to manipulate the image to the way I want it. These two little fellows are not in fact real fishes but ceramic ornaments picked up in a Charity Shop. The cockle shells are real as is the brightly coloured green nylon rope found while scavenging on the beach.
Two minutes to set up on my favourite blue coloured textile and I was off - painting like a demon
in this tiny world of make-believe. The big question is: will the big fishie ever catch and eat the little fishie? Perhaps if I paint them again I'll show the little fishie with a chunk out his tail!!!!

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