Saturday, 1 March 2008


Last night went to hear this amazing four piece acoustic band 'Brejeiro' playing the opening concert for The British Mandolin and Guitar Federation Rally at East Kilbride's Murray Owen Centre. First time I've been to a concert there and I was impressed with the hall and other facilities. Brejeiro specialise in what they call 'Choro do Brasil' style of music with twin mandolins, pulsating rhythm guitar and this fantastic percussionist creating a magic all of his own with a tambourine, bongo drums and even the box he was sitting on! The sketches below are in the ordered place they took on stage. My view of them was very limited and often had to crane my neck way over to get a glimpse then put down my pencil marks. On the extreme left was what I guess was Second Mandolin though he led with some of the tunes and also played his own Bluegrass solo (with the drummer accompanying) titled "Scotland". He was terrific on this little 'f' hole and scroll shaped mandolin.

The drummer was fantastic to watch and listen to with his amazing rhythmic beats and a regular smile showing just how much he was enjoying himself. He wore what at first looked like a huge rock hanging round his neck which turned out to be some sort of whistle which he used naturally enough in a Samba tune.

The girl on the guitar was incredible! What dexterity and rhythm. I was mesmerised by the sound, which was just as well because I could hardly see her for a sea of heads in front of me!
Lastly, but not least, The guy I took to be Mandolin 1 and leader of the group - Dave. Again I couldn't see him properly. This sketch was made from glimpses seen through the person in fronts ears every time they turned to the side! Like the others in the group a fantastic musician playing the most wonderful stuff. His solo (with guitar accompanyment) was "Misty". Absolutely beautiful. No wonder the crowd were in raptures. This was fantastic stuff!
Sometime in the future, like most of my sketches, I will try to construct them into some sort of painting. Don't hold your breath though it may take me years to be ready for it!


daro said...

Hi david, this is the my sister´s blog.


daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thanks Dario. Interesting stuff your sister does - AND she is prettier than you!!!!