Sunday, 25 November 2007

Miss Lovely Legs

Oils on canvas, 40x50cm. I once knew a girl who won a "Miss Lovely Legs" competition because she had in deed lovely legs. Not really like this girl on the right but when I see young women in a skirt and she has these two sticks hanging down like straps of liquorish I smile and think of her!
This is my favourite way of picture-making - old canvas with a "failed" painting with it's ready-made textures and fragmented colour, which I couldn't make up if I tried, which I then overlay with fresh impasto colour. The new layer hits and misses in a kind of 'happy accident' kind of way wich I love. Here the two female figures are painted relatively abstractly and expressively with good strong colour. They are, however, being watched by another figure from just outside the picture plane with a rather dubious face which comes from I do not know, it just is. And it lends it a kind of unsettling air which I like. This is no pretty-pretty representation of females but a darker expression of perhaps models on a catwalk being observed as they strut their stuff!


DeLi said...

lovely, indeed.
am so glad to pass by your place

daviddrawsandpaints said...

You will always be made welcome, deli. And who knows I might even get to see Liderata (I'm very curious you see!)
Thanks for your comments.

Moses said...

Thanks for this post, quite helpful material.
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