Thursday, 8 November 2007

Burning Man

Don't know how both these pics were uploaded twice, and I don't know how to delete just these two, so you will just have to enjoy them all over again. Two for the price of one!
Charcoal on paper, 43x59cm. Original sketch exploring the idea of a 'Guy' sitting atop a bonfire being consumed by flames!
Acrylics on paper, 43x59cm. A few days late but this was painted on the eve of Guy Fawkes Night to express something of the moment I enjoyed when a youngster. Today, however, and a youngster no longer, the whole event I fear has gotten out of hand. No more just 'Catherine Wheels' or sparklers, but sub-atomic 'bombs' which shake the very foundations of your house! I prefer my memory of the event which was full of wonder at the fireworks exploding high in the air without bursting your eardrums at the same time! Back then even I didn't realise the effect on animals. Now we have a cat I see first-hand just how distressed this little animal gets with the whiz-bangs. he dives under the sofa and trembles there for hours until it is over. Thankfully now legislation in Scotland requires that the setting off of fireworks must end by 11 o'clock at night. Not always adhered to but generally it quietens down and the cat can come out of his bolt-hole and go out chasing meeces!


Fair isle faerie said...

Love the Bio !

You should come paint in shetland, lochans a plenty without the climbs.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

I would love to visit the Shetlands and paint some of your lochans, faerie of the fair isle. Perhaps one day. Maybe you could put me up?!
Thanks for stopping-by and leaving your comments!

DeLi said...

just like a recent dream i had.
thanks for passing by my place david. nice meeting you too


Gorden said...

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