Saturday, 2 February 2013


Winter in Scotland. Summer in my head!

Ain't it just great to be an artist that can let the mind roam around whither and nither as it pleases?
And then turn those daydreams into images of remembrance of warmer days?

Today the sunshine outside (and near tropical temperatures inside [is 18.5degC too high for this time of year?]) brightens up my day that has just begun and flying thoughts of holidays in Majorca spring to mind - taking the bus from Puerta Pollensa to Cala San Vicente, lunch at Hotel Bis (tuna salad and white wine) overlooking the cove below with sunbathers on the sand and swimmers in the sea, and strolls around the headland to Cala Molins, and in the passing, a cactus growing apparently from out of the rock:

"Cactus", acrylics on paper, 43x50cm.

Cala Molins with it's purple pine treetrunks on an orange sloping hillside and bright blue sky between:

"Cala Molins", pencil and Neocolour in sketchpad, A4.

Aperitif under a bamboo shade, olives with herbs, and the afternoon is gone. Time to get the bus home and dinner again under the stars.

Ach, there's nuthin' else for it - I'll just have a curry and watch the telly till summer returns again!


Peter Tudhope said...

That holiday sounds great David! Like the new work, very colourful and spontanuous paintwork... what a treat!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Muchos gracias, Peter!