Sunday, 26 June 2011


Change is the one constant in life. Wanting to maintain the status quo we often resist it, but eventually we must embrace it.

There have been major changes in my life recently, and not just becoming a grand-parent, but in many other ways too, some good and some not so good. Such is life. And there are more changes on the way, so there has been little time for blogging at present which is not to say I haven’t been thinking of you lot, I just haven’t been able to keep up with all that’s going on for me and write about it as well.

So this is to say that it may be a little while before I get back to a more settled state and feel like blethering with yous again.

The good news for you art lovers out there is that drawing and painting is still my number one concern. It may no longer be the second career I hoped for but it is still my principal occupation.

And one thought I’ll leave you with for the present is: what do you do with all the artwork created when there is no more room left in your studio to turn around?

Hasta la vista!
Acrylics on canvas, 50x70cm.


Sheila Vaughan said...

If I don't rate it 100 per cent I work over the top of it. Might as well. Hope things work out for you David. Life is a bitch at times.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Indeed it can be, Sheila, but hopefully the changes that are occurring will be positive and therefore not so daunting. I am looking forward to getting back to working again properly but only when I get my studio sorted and make some better space for myself. It helps to hear from other working artists like yourself. Thanks :o)

Melinda said...

Sometimes...I don't like change. Mostly...I don't like change. But, that's just me.

I hope your changes are all good. I absolutely love your painting. Spectacular!

What do I do when I need more room? Two things: 1) I appropriate another room and 2) I buy a metal garden shed with flooring, and wrap the work in plastic, placing them on about 2" of wooden bars. Participating in open studio tours helps to move the work as well.

Do you have room in your garden? Do you have an extra room? How about building an addition...?!


The main thing is to keep working. Best wishes!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Melinda, Melinda, Melinda! Good to get these comments from you!

I used to work for an organisation where change occurred regularly and subsequently have come to accept it as 'the norm' to the extent that it is almost my by-word now: "nothing lasts forever, everything changes", so I do accept it more readily...after a bit of bitching, of course!

And thanks for your answer regarding 'how to create more space'...all good stuff. Which is what I have been recently engaged in:
1) cataloging everything I've done (not too difficult as I do this on a regular yearly basis).
2) separating each years work into lots and boxing them with lists so I can find them again.
3) Storing them boxes in my son's lock-up , perhaps never to be seen again.
Sadly I don't get the opportunity to participate in Open Studios (see what the world is missing!)

Very pleased you like the abstract. It comes from my current obsession with painting Subconscious Musings direct onto the support without any trial runs.
Next week I go on trial for wasting paint.

Best wishes to you too, keep painting those colour extravaganza's of yours!
See ya :o)

Melinda said...

You will be acquitted on all charges!

Well...Perhaps you'd like to start an open studio tour in your city. Maybe it wouldn't be too difficult. Maybe it sounds awful, but getting people in to seeing your work does wonders.

I love your work. You're far more organized than I. I'm jealous now...and inspired to think about, someday... trying to consider... organizing a few things.

Peter D. Marsay said...

Nice work, I'm a filmmaker but often appreciate other forms of art.

sally said...

David, I love your work, I keep checking in to see if there are any new posts, I'll keep checking in. I ran out of space in my inhome studio a couple years back and resorted to burning some of the lesser works to have room to live/paint. It looked like one of those hoarders places! Then the changes came, one right after the other, I moved, adjusted, and after much searching found a cavernous studio, an old Masonic temple, it used to be a dance hall. Hot in the summer, cold in the winter, I find it to be the perfect solution, more than I had hoped for! I look forward to more posting from you when things get sorted out!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thanks for the comment Peter...good to see you here!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

And hello Sally!
This "summer off" I'm having has extended a bit and may even last until next spring. I have to a large extent got my studio re-organised but still can't get myself down to painting again - I don't want to lose this wonderful floor I have just cleared. A Masonic Temple is just what I need but then I'm sure I'd only fill it up with within two months and be back to where I started (my Snakes & Ladders Syndrome).
Love your blog, btw, with excellent photography & artwork and your writing style is very reminds me of Garrison Keillers' tales of Lake Wobegone.
Thanks for commenting,
ps: I once had a girlfriend called Sally - lovely lassie.

san diego windshield replacement said...

Fabulous! You can actually start a workshop of yours.

Anonymous said...
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sally said...

I suppoae I'll have to wait for spring to check back then david. Poor Sally.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Poor Sally, indeed!
In fact poor Sheila, poor Melinda, poor Peter, poor San Diego Windshield Replacement, poor Anonymouse, and, of course, poor little ol' Me! (although rich in other ways)

Tell ye what - I'll get my little pad and pencil out and see if I can find anything of interest worth writing about and put it up soon just to tide you over till the swallows return in May.

As Shelley once said:
"If winter comes, can Spring be far behind?"

Admin said...
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