Saturday, 9 April 2011

Peter Tudhope at Gracefield

A fabulous summer-like day and a fine drive through wonderful countryside south from Glasgow to Dumfries and the Gracefield Arts Centre where we went to see some very fine paintings by fellow blogger, Peter Tudhope.

The main gallery:

A very nice venue but who is that wummin posing for her photie?

Gallery 2 set in beautiful mature gardens:

Environmental sculpture by Charlie Poulson:
No idea what it's about...

A corner of the cafe where Peter's paintings are displayed:

A nice space and a nice lunch surrounded by excellent paintings.

Another view:
There's that wummin again...I think she's following me! "Paintings?", "What paintings?" "Another coffee, please!" - that's all I get....
Actually all joking aside it was great to see Peter's painting 'in the flesh' so to speak - bold, energetic, and powerful strokes of colour that a computer screen hardly does any justice to. Much to enjoy and ponder on. My favourite is Galloway Hills which was the complete package - great colours and brush-strokes set off well in just the right frame. And I hope he doesn't mind me saying that his "Treescape" is pure Soutine - all slanty and expressive brush-strokes!

Congratulations on the exhibition, Peter!


Peter Tudhope said...

Wow thanks so much for the compliments and blog David!! Really wonderful thank you so much! Glad you liked the work, and yes the treescape is my homage to Soutine, whose work I love. Thanks again. Pete

daviddrawsandpaints said...

A great pleasure Pete.
And a very much worthwhile trip to see your paintings in reality.

Melinda said...

Excellent post, David. I enjoyed seeing the photos and visiting Peter's blog. I can only imagine how they look in real time, but you've taken a good "photie."

Thank you for sharing your adventure.

Psst. I think that nice "wummin" likes you. Best be kind...Of course, you will.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Whenever there is an artist exhibiting in Scotland I try to go and see it for myself. Call me old-fashioned but, good as it is, I much prefer real life rather than through the lens of a computer.
And it was touch-and-go, Melinda, for I'm no longer a great fan of driving long distances, but I was certainly rewarded for the effort. Apart from Peter's excellent paintings which showed a man expressing his own powerful voice I loved the drive through some very beautiful Scottish Borders countryside. Not something I get to see every day.

And as for 'the wummin' - I try to be kind, but it's no easy. Getting the call right now -"When am I getting a coffee?"...coming dearest, how strong would you like it? Is there anything else I can get you while I'm on my feet? Shall I stop the hoovering first?

It's all lies, of course.