Sunday, 19 April 2009

Such a Lovely Lass!

I drew this a couple of months ago while we were travelling on a train down to the coast and she was all wrapped up against the cold, which now seems a million miles away, and another country:

Pencil on paper, 2xA6.
The days fly by so quickly and now we are approaching what we laughingly call 'summer', and I still think I'm a young thing, but know I am not.
I've spent the last half-hour watching a big grey cat in our garden that I call 'Smokey-the-Bandit' because he used to come and eat some of the food I left out for Leo! Until I know better, I call him "he", but he won't come anywhere near me (much to Jacqui's relief), but I would love to make contact with him.
And now I am eating the first rhubarb crumble of the season, with ice-cream.
Such a good day, and my football team, Rangers, also won their league game against Hibernian.
I am happy , and everything is right with the world (even though I know it is not).


Melinda said...

Beautiful sketch, David. I'm so glad things are warming up in your neck of the woods. Congrats, too, that your Rangers won their game.

We artists are so sensitive to things not being right with the world, but the world is depending on us to remind them of beauty, joy and the hope for better days with our paintings. Enjoy!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

You are dead right, Melinda. And I am very happy I have you to keep me right! I enjoy the reaching out across the oceans with a metaphorical hug to bolster me up - and shove back oot the door to get battered about some more!!!
I will try to do the same for you sometime if you ever need it :o)

Melinda said...

That would be lovely, David.

Try to duck every once in awhile when the world tries to smack you down. We artists need each other and need to keep together, yes?

Melinda said...
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daviddrawsandpaints said...

Duck? Why didn't anyone ever tell me that before!!!

Thanks Melinda - it's only wee artists that really know what goes into art-making...the pain, the anguish, the colourful hands and trousers (and hair).
Oh, aye, and the joys too, of course! :o)
Have a good day over there in Tucson, Arizona.