Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Change of Name.

Having thought this ower for a few days (who said ah wisnae quick?) ah hae decided that "Sleekit" is far too derogatory a term fur sich a nice lady from New Zealand, whom I hardly even ken (yet).
So, since it's ma game and ah can dae whit ah like, ah'm gonnae gae her a new nom-de-plume: Hens Forth she sall be lumbered wi'...Lady Neeps!!! Yayyyyyayayay!!!

So, wi' Lady Haggis, and now Lady Neeps, a' that's needed is fur us tae find a 'Lord, or Lady Tatties'.

Any offers oot there?

Anybody daft enough?

Ye ken whit ye huv tae dae!

Dinnae be shy :o)


vivien said...

I think a Lady Tattie Bogle is needed too :>)

not volunteering even if I do often look like one :>D

and Dinah definitely isn't a timrous cowering beastie :>)

Anonymous said...

Ca ah mak a wee suggestion? (Aye, why not, sin' ah'm tae be a turnip head!)
Melanie, frae Mycroft, might like tae be considered.
An' while I'm here, I'll apologise for any spellin' mistakes in the vernacular.It's no' sae easy, y'ken!
Aye, but it's gae guid fun!

my croft said...

Ah Dinah, I'm flattered for your thinking of me, but I'm none too keen on being considered an edible. :-( I'll back Vivien that you're nae cow'rin' beastie, but "sleekit" I do think fits you fine. Unless of course, as David asserts, there's a derogatory air too subtle for my Bronx ears to ken. Over here, "sleek" (w/o the "-it") is a lovely thing to be. ("Tatties," on the other hand, would have immediate rude connotations, even w/o context or associations -- especially w/o, now that I think about it.)

(david, we'll get back you in a round or two, when we girls are done with our chat.)

(no wv here. this is not helping me. elsewhere today I acquired "orben" which I'm very excited about.)

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Dinnae mind me, hen, this is hugely entertaining!

Vivien: From Hens Forth ye shall be kent "Lady Tattie-Bogle" :o)

Dinah: nae need tae apologise, the sound of the words is far more important than how it's spelt. Weel done tumshie-heid!

Melanie: You need to be aware that "sleekit" in these parts means sly, also underhand. So that's why I made the name change.

Rude connotations or no I think I'll dub masel "Lord Tatties", then when the two ladlespoons an' me get thegither we will be:
"Haggis, Neeps, an' Tatties!"
[fa's aff seat laughin ;o)]

Lady Haggis said...

Dear Lord Tatties,
Thes is an interestin' post frae Polomint city. Ah'm laernin' sommit ever day!

Wi' aw ay these honoraries, it maun be time fur a Berryhuckle. 'Oo's pie-in?! Virtual, that is...

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Dinnae look at me, Haggis - ah'm skint!

And, btw, ah think you've had enough o' that ginger wine, or you're spendin far too much time Googlin' the Scots Dictionary Online :o)

And another thing: "Oo's pie-in?!"???. It's anither language a' thegither!

Anonymous said...

Och! It never occurred tae me tae go a-googlin' fer a dictionary.Tumshie-heid, indeed!

A wee tale: when I was aboot 8 or years old, Ah met ma Uncle George in the street an' he told me tae remind ma Pa no'tae forget the Spey Royal. I telt ma Pa that George was wanting him to tak him some extra oil!

Lady Haggis said...

Well, it's a lovely group here. Wish we could all have a ginger together.

Okay. Busted! I thought I was stretching my languages a bit and had gone off the rez on that last one.
I'll watch it next time!