Sunday, 4 January 2009

Introducing Sparky!

Yesterday we went down to the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) dog and cat rescue centre in Hamilton [just about 5 miles from East Kilbride] to see in person which poor animals they were holding and offering for re-homing. They had some beautiful animals many of which were in pairs [ J could not deal with two at a time (even though I could!) so we limited our viewing to single cats].
"Gizmo" was not the prettiest cat (I was not particularly looking for Miss, or Mr Cat 2009) and he was quite old at 9years (that also was not a problem). He was very, very friendly, and anyone would absolutely love him, especially children, so it seemed to me he was not in any desperate need of me.
"Mustafa" was a fabulous bright orange British Tabby who endeared himself to everyone who approached his cage and meowed constantly (would that get on your nerves, or what?). Again he seemed to be suitable for a family with young children.
When I set off yesterday on this quest I had two things in mind: to be open minded, and to be open hearted.
Three things in mind: to seek to give an unfortunate cat a new, loving, home. It could be the oldest feline who has lost it's owner aftr many years and in desperate need, or like, 'Sparky', been abandonded and showing some behavioural problems stemming from lack of TLC:

First photo. Here he is. Totally agitated and unsure of his surrundings he is, to start with constrained to the kitchen. So he's checking out the high surfaces with eyes like saucers.

Sparky doesn't stand still for a moment at present to get his photo taken!

Ah, got him on the prowl, now introduced to the Living Room.

Calming down a lot, here he is on a kitchen chair with his big saucer eyes!

Then, after a while , he settles down on my lap (which is amazing after only one day) and sleeps a happy sleep.
As I write this he is on my lap watching everything I do!
Sparky is the name I have given him since I didn't really like the name he came with which was Fletcher. He is about a-year-and-a-half to 2years old and found abandoned in an empty house. I presume Fletcher was the name on the door. So I don't want to lumber him with a name from his unfortunate past. Today, giving him the run of the house (which has been an exciting day of discovery) he has settled and changed almost beyond recogintion. He is developing a confidence already, and is more than happy to sit on my lap for a bit of petting.
So welcome Sparky - you are now international, and can expect not only a lot of petting but a lot of drawing too!


Brian McGurgan said...

Now there's good news I was waiting to hear, David, and what an adorable cat you've brought home. It's amazing and gratifying how quickly an animal with a troubled past can respond to affection and attention. Those big eyes and black and white fur make Sparky a perfect model - hopefully, he'll sit still for you while you sketch. Congratulations and best wishes to all of you there - and Sparky is a much better name for him then Fletcher.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thanks Brian!
After a timid start he's beginning to come out his shell and I think 'Sparky' will be a more appropriate name :o)

my croft said...

Fantabulosa! indeed. This is completely wonderful. I'm delighted about Sparky. And many thanks also to your loving J for being willing :-)

I am so happy for you.
(And I was also wondering how short a time it would be before another felion captured you.)

vivien said...

He looks gorgeous - he's very much like my daughter's cat - inherited with her house who barely dared come in as far as the kitchen and now is a happy, settled and very loving - adoring even - demanding little madame!

Anonymous said...

What a happy story! (yes, I read about your Leo, but not knowing you, said nothing.)
Welcome to Sparky; may his fur trim your trews many a day!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thank you all for your comments and good wishes for Sparky, although I think I should have called him 'Hungry Horace"! It's as though he's never seen food in a very long time and now just can't get enough.
Melanie: Jacqui's going along with this but can't say she is overly enthusiastic!
Vivien: He has settled amazingly quickly and spends long periods curled up on my lap looking up into my face with his big saucer eyes as though he can't believe his luck!
moreidlethoughts: Leo will never be forgotten (he was very special) but Sparky here is a bit of a 'livewire' - a lot more affectionate and demanding!
Glad to get your comment especially with that little bit of Scots :o)

Melinda said...

Welcome, Sparky!! He will, indeed, be world famous now and we expect him to inspire in you many great works.

A vet said to me after losing our beloved dog in '03, that we honor our pets' memories when we adopt another. Leo would be proud of you!

Happy New Year!

susans said...

you' re a good peron & I'm glad sparky found a good home. sues

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Happy New Year Melinda! That's a good thought to start this journey with Sparky :o)

Welcome Susans, and thanks for your comment!
As Mae West once famously said:"When I'm good I good, but when I'm bad I'm very bad!" :o)
Hope you have a good New Year also.

Mary Ann Wakeley said...

Looks like you're having fun with your new buddy. How terrific!!
Best wishes, David, for a really wonderful 2009 :)

Edgar said...

Sparky looks delighted to own his new people! Congratulations on your adoption -- you've done a good thing.