Monday, 15 December 2008


I've got a lot on my mind at the moment (whether to comb my hair {what's left of it!} to the left or the right; what to ask Santa for Christmas - a Playstation3 LittleBigPlanet, or an Oor Wullie book; and how to design an Advanced painting course for myself [of which much more later]).

In the meantime I was asked a few weeks ago by my son to paint a couple of pictures for his Kitchen with the colour yellow in it (although I wasn't too happy when he turned up a week later asking if it was done or should he just go to Ikea and buy something off the shelf? See what I've got to put up with! The word is: 'incandescent') Ah, Ive become a decorator just like my dear old dad!

More fool me, but I said yes and have been sporadically working on this two-some set of sunflowers:
Acrylics on canvas, 50x40cm: "Sunworshippers 1"; Based on a watercolour of sunflowers I made last summer (for some strange reason I didn't sow any sunflower seed this year even though I love them to bits) they seemed the natural subject for Kitchen decoration.

Acrylics on canvas, 50x40cm: "Sunworshippers 2"; After the initial impetus of drawing out the design and laying down the first wash the Ikea comment kinda put me off for a while, but with Christmas charging up on us like a raging bull I thought I better get my finger out and finish these two of a kind so I can wrap them up separately and give them as presents to my son and his pard'ner.

Acrylics on canvas, 100x40cm: "Sunworshippers": This is what they look like together (although my photography would have them different {can't argue with a camera that can do a fantastic range of functions mostly at the same time AND remember where it put things!}).

I can see them getting pride of place for about a month then disappearing into the cupboard under the stairs, or being offered back (as my brother once did) when they no longer match the curtains!

C'est la vie.
Anyway my mind is on more academic matters.


vivien said...

I've had that from philistine eldest daughter!

these look great

I grew sunflowers for the first time ever this year and want to draw the dry flower heads

Have a great Christmas :>)

Brian McGurgan said...

Nicely done, David, and with that Ikea remark hanging over you and all... Love the yellows here.

I'm looking forward to your plans for an advanced personal painting course that you mentioned since I'm hoping to pilfer some of your ideas on this for myself, of course. Best wishes!

my croft said...

Say what you want about the . . . let's call it abruptness . . . of your son, it got you moving, didn't it? Reverse psychology. Never fails.

I LOVE these. When the boy is done with 'em, I'd be happy to buy a couch to go with your paintings. ;-)

I'm also looking forward forward to your autodidactic tactics, and for much the same reason as is Brian.

Melinda said...

These are well done, David. I know the irritation of such a suggestion (Ikea, harrumph) so much so that it inspired a bit o' doggerel:

On Contemplating the Churl of Progeny

Even as you glower
These are beautiful flowers
Yellow and bright
Incandescent is right

N'er mind, eh, that kid o' your'n spake
Let him be sorry when he doth take
(such lovely paint
his wall to stake)
if he does not appreciate:
color and light
contrasted bright

Shadows thus will fall
upon him droll

When you let him know
of his mistake!

Oh, how family doth take us for granted! ;-)

Daro said...

Hello David te invito a pasar por un nuevo espacio

... sin el punto despues de las 3W



Edgar said...

Ikea? Bloody hell. I'd have shut it down right there, thrown the kid ten quid and said "pick out something nice for yourself, and Merry Christmas." You're a saint, David. Or maybe a martyr.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

See me, see autotdidactic tactics, ah'm just full o' them!

Edgar: I don't think I'm a martyr so that must make me a saint?

'Saint David'.

Just trying it out for size - it's got a kinda ring to it don't yer think?
Hey, doesn't St.D have a very special day at the beginning of March?
I'll be expecting presents...

Sorry couldn't reply to your comments yesterday - it was Mandolin Club Christmas Party Nite and I was getting stuffed with mince-pies!

Vivien: Somehow the artistic tendencies don't always pass from father to son, or mother to daughter either, seems like.
Thanks for your Christmas wishes. I trust you too will have a nice time :o)

Brian: Pleased you like these bold yellows. I see from your own blog a bit of strong colour creeping in. You've got a whole box to get through if you want more for Christmas!
And the Advanced Painting is still under wraps and sitting under the tree for you and Melanie. So no tantrums - you'll both just have to wait!

Ah, Melanie: reverse psychology, if only I really understood it myself - think of all the havoc I could create!
You will need to take great care over what sofa fabric to go with these beauties. May I suggest a chunky dark blue cord? (gosh, now I'm doing interior design over the internet. Why can't I make my fortune?)

[excuse me while I dig into yet another mince-pie Jacqui has just plonked down in front of me. I think this may see an end to my waist 28 jeans and the start of wearing elasticated!]

And Melinda(always three times the lady):

An ungrateful child
will one day regret
the chances missed
to pay the debt
he owes his father
since that day
they laid the bet
that one day distant
the world will set
a mighty price
for my paint still wet.

(it started off as though it might be profound then fell off into the usual nonsense!)

Thanks for the churlish doggerel Melinda, I especially like the line '...that kid o' your'n spake'

And Edgar (again): if only I had a tenner to give him!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hola Daro!

Muchos gracias por l'invitación yo visita tu sitio nuevo.

¡madre mia! te muy bien!


Andrea Kobayashi 小林アンドレア said...

I think you should pre-empt your poem and tell your son that you're happy to give them to him even though you've had a handsome offer over the net.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Is that a handsome offer Andrea?

I won't hold you to it because I know you have a big house to finish building :o)

Andrea Kobayashi 小林アンドレア said...

Certainly would be if it could be D!
Maybe the winter lottery will be ours this year!! (dreaming on)

moreidlethoughts said...

Oor Wullie!Is he still goin? Wi' his tacketty boots an' his bucket? I loved Wull;my dad preferred The Broons.
Thanks, as Bob Hope said, for the memory.

Oh, I like those sunflowers, too!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Aye, moreidlethoughts, they are both still going strong after a' these years with their very own annuals coming out every alternate year.
I love them both, and you'll be glad to know I got the Oor Wullie Annual this year instead of the Playstation3 :o)

My wife says I look like Paw Broon when I'm skelpin' doon a hill on ma sledge wi' ma bunnet oan back-tae-front!

Thanks for visiting and for your appreciation of my Sunflowers.

I hope you have a very happy New Year when it comes!